Grazhir :: Old News :: 2010


08 August 2010 — Minor cosmetic changes for Firefox only, mainly involving the headers and footers, plus the main indexes. I considered doing the same to the text for the story pages, but after staring at the vaguely-shadowed versions (to make the text pop slightly) for a while, decided it would cause eye strain, so I removed it. Can’t be bothered for now figuring out how to do it for Internet Exploder.

I found an interesting little deal which involved a tiny bit of javascript and cookie use, which would allow for the user to choose a colour scheme, but since I can’t for the life of me figure out why I would want multiple colour schemes here at Grazhir, I haven’t done more than pull that page to my hard drive as a reference. Maybe if I hosted stories by people other than myself? Except that I don’t, so it’s not really an issue, and besides, it would affect the entire site, not just parts of it.

27 July 2010 — The “review” link should be corrected now. Still not sure what I did, but I obviously messed things up quite a ways back when I was experimenting with a different script for it, and then forgot to re-test it before upload.

27 July 2010 — Minor fixes to the main page. Also, it’s been pointed out that I somehow frotzed up the “review” script. I’m working on that now. :(

26 July 2010 — Chapter One of Prodigium has been posted. Sure, it was finished a while ago, but I was waiting until I could upload everything for the below.

26 July 2010 — Version 5. Crossovers have been moved to their own section.

I added a lot of javascript. I know some people will hate that, but it was already necessary for certain parts of the site to function, such as the listboxes.

So: All scripts are hosted locally, so the only thing you should ever have to allow with NoScript is Grazhir itself. If you have scripting disabled you should now see an alert message in the header as a reminder.

The other major change is the font due to the use of “smart quotes”, but the quotes are only in the stories. OpenOffice, at least, handles those properly (though who knows, maybe Microsqueeze finally got its act together). This also affects the PDF files, as all of them have been redone, too. (It’s entirely possible I missed some while converting them over. And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if my conversion messed up in a few places. Don’t be shy about telling me if so.)

31 May 2010 - It’s that time of the year again. A new oneshot has been added to the collection: Night of the Malfoy Commandos