Grazhir :: Old News :: 2007


17 December 2007 - Another round of minor cosmetic changes has been made.

IE users may or may not see some wonky behavior.

03 December 2007 - Shockingly, a number of minor cosmetic details have been attended to for the entire site. Sadly, I could not find the damn font I used for the favicon (pixies must have stolen it), so I used Parseltongue instead.

Also, a new section of sorts has been added, so clicky the §imLife button over there if you can't help yourself.

30 August 2007 - A new story, Infusion, has been added to the list; chapter one is posted.

22 August 2007 - There may be a slight outage in the next few days due to a very close shave with paying the domain registration on the actual date. I dunno. If it happens, well, it'll be back.

In other news, if you want other news, read my LiveJournal, because I'm only putting site news here these days (in case nobody had noticed).

30 May 2007 - A new oneshot has been added to the collection. (Third, but showing in at #05.)

28 May 2007 - Fractured Fairytales has gained another oneshot.

11 May 2007 - Apologies, but oneshots 03 and 04 have been moved (a redirect is in place, so no worries) to their own section, called Fractured Fairytales. (Mainly because I expect at least one more, and I think they deserve to be in their own group.)

09 May 2007 - A new oneshot has been added to the collection.

07 May 2007 - All links to responses pages have been removed from individual pages of chaptered fics. The link to each story's response page is now found in each listbox.

02 May 2007 - A new oneshot has been added to the collection.

30 April 2007 - I dunno, but it's really been bothering me having all those Responses links in the menu off to the left, so I've removed them. I may just shove them into the listboxes.

Not sure because it's rare at this point I actually PUT a response onto one of those pages, what with the Reply function at FFN, and email, and livejournal.

Anyway, you'll also note that I shoved the snapshot links over into that available space, which tightens things up a skosh and makes me happier.

26 April 2007 - Breakpoint has gained its own snapshots section.

25 January 2007 - Added chapter one of a new story, Kaleidoscope, featuring Seymour/Tidus in a slashy redux of FF X.

23 January 2007 - Added chapter one of a new story, Spiral, crossover between Harry Potter and Final Fantasy X & X-2, with Harry/Severus as the HP pairing.

Given that it's set in Spira, it's found under the FF stuff.