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18 December 2006 - Did several more updates to the site, mainly dealing with the fact I changed the way certain pages can be accessed. In theory, nobody should notice a thing unless they're using certain older links from outside, but that's what a custom 404 is for, huh?

If anyone notices any broken graphics, please let me know? I think I got everything, but... things tend to sneak by.

16 December 2006 - Hey, um, we're back.

If anyone notices something horribly wrong here, email me please. I've just uploaded the entire site to the new host, and I may have missed out the odd thing or two.

20 October 2006 - I suppose I really should have read the fine print on that time share contract. As it is, my muse is still off somewhere in Albuquerque, New Mexico encouraging a thirteen year old girl in her dreams to become even more skanky than Paris Hilton.

Translation: I still haven't had a shred of inspiration hit me for anything when it comes to writing.

In the meantime, I will continue to search out fics to, er, review... and play Sims 2. [Comment]

14 September 2006 - Chapter 2 of CI:A is posted.

14 September 2006 - Do you know what sucks about HBP? [Read more]

14 September 2006 - General musing.... [Read more]

13 September 2006 - Nimby Says.... [Read more]

13 September 2006 - Nimby Says.... [Read more]

12 September 2006 - In a strange and bizarre twist of fate, The Nightmare Before Bedtime seems to now be complete.

11 September 2006 - In Other News.... [Read more]

9 September 2006 - For what it's worth (or not), chapter 1 of Control Issues: Aftermath has been posted.

9 September 2006 - Nothing special going on aside from still being sick (see my LJ for details on that), no decisions made on SafeSurf yet, and I still don't have Xenosaga III in my hands.

27 August 2006 - Chapter 3 of Nightmare is available.

15-22 August 2006 - Tons more episodes of Nimby Says, random babbling, and whatnot over at You-Know-Where.

I still haven't made a decision on SafeSurf.

15 August 2006 - I am considering adding SafeSurf to my collection of meta tags. However, I find their method of determining how naughty your site is to be a bit confusing to say the least.

I shall have to think on this further.

12 August 2006 - After stumbling over a fellow fansite and realizing that ICRA has updated how they do things, I decided to re-generate my "label" for this site and update all the pages. And naturally, I basically checked off every bad thing possible, just to cover my bases (though lord knows, I don't expect to be writing about breasts anytime soon...)

Aside from the fact that I've added a disclaimer of sorts down there on the left, no one should notice any actual changes in how Grazhir looks, assuming you can see it at all. Obviously, if you're reading this, you're perfectly good to go, eh?

And, as usual, of late, all routine babbling is going on over at my LJ account.

24-27 July 2006 - Just go look at my LJ page.

24 July 2006 - Thanks to someone who would not politely desist in asking when I would update Friendship's Price on my request, I have deleted the stupid story from FFN. I may even delete it from Grazhir at this rate.

Yes, they did decrease in frequency, which is grand, but... I don't fucking know when I'll update it again, if ever. As I've said in the past, HBP really put a damper on things as far as that story is concerned.

23 July 2006 - So, I had this idea several weeks back while I was trying to dredge up ideas for another Harry/Voldemort story. I can't see myself actually using it, though, so I thought I'd share. Chances are, people will think it's as insane as I did in the end. [Read more]

22 July 2006 - So, I've just finished what's there of a WIP Draco-as-Veela fic and have finally figured out what used to squick me so bad about the idea of MPREG. That, of course, is the concept of a male forming milk-bearing breasts for their young. [Read more]

15 July 2006 - I'm not dead, but I haven't been writing, either. I've been reading rather a lot (even Harry/Draco, which only proves I've succumbed to insanity) and simply haven't felt the urge to put pen to paper (so to speak). [Read more]

1-8 July 2006 - Suikoden babblings here, here, here, and here.

22 June 2006 - I changed my penname at FFN from ShivaniBlue to plain old Shivani.

21 June 2006 - So, I'm sitting there, thinking (a dangerous occupation, I know) about a comment I made in an email discussion I'm having.... [Read more]

21 June 2006 - I blame this on flosspyromaniac .... [Read more]

21 June 2006 - I present the final chapter of Control Issues, chapter 21, Loose Ends. <points over there to the left>

19 June 2006 - Instinct is no substitute for feeling. [Read more]

18 June 2006 - I really, truly enjoyed The Way of the World by McKay. (No, it doesn't bloody hurt that the Sims was involved in this gem of a Remus/Severus.)

17 June 2006 - *happily works on yet another new fic called Infusion (working title for now, at least)* .... [Read more]

16 June 2006 - I can't help but think that the idea I've had in mind for ages as.... [Read more]

16 June 2006 - I am greatly enjoying.... [Read more]

12 June 2006 - My dad IM'd me a minute ago with.... [Read more]

10 June 2006 - Snapshot 11 of Control Issues, Insidious, is now available.

10 June 2006 - Chapter 20 of Control Issues is now available for your amusement.

9 June 2006 - I'm going to do something absolutely crazy and share a rather large cookie with those who are interested. [Read more]

6 June 2006 - Chapter 2 of Providential is available for those of you who enjoy FF fics.

6 June 2006 - I was forced, entirely against my will, to pick up an actual book today when FPL came out and decided to cut off our power for no discernable reason. [Read more]

5 June 2006 - Chapter 19 of Control Issues is available for your viewing pleasure.

5 June 2006 - It's all filodea's fault that I've hared off to go take personality tests and what not. [Read more]

4 June 2006 - And now, because I'm feeling quite peculiar, here's an excerpt from the original outline I did for OWA (naturally, I deviated from it almost immediately and all over the place, but parts of it continue to amuse me).... [Read more]

4 June 2006 - Well, I think I might have gotten over my little problem here with procrastination... at least to some extent. There was something seriously bothering me about CI and I couldn't get anywhere until I resolved it in my head. I think I've done that now, so I'm moving ahead with chapter 19.... [Read more]

30 May 2006 - Happy Birthday to me.

27 May 2006 - Today's babbling.

20 May 2006 - Well shucks, I finally figured out how to make a "mailing list" in Outlook Express (rather, a "group"). And it only took me how many years? <snort>

Why the hell can't "create new group" be on the menu for the Contact List? I never open the Address Book, for pity's sake.

19 May 2006 - In addition to converting Crumbling Pedestal over, I also added in the FAQ/Post Mortem I wrote to go with it (incomplete). That can normally be accessed off the story detail page, but I have linked it here now as well.

I've been feeling pretty antsy of late, so you can expect to see the other pages being converted as well, very possibly quickly.

16 May 2006 - I've been having trouble with the network card on the laptop again, so you might notice I'm frequently nowhere to be found on AIM.

12 May 2006 - Yes, I've done something really silly and picked up a LiveJournal account, so people can leave comments there now as well.

12 May 2006 - The Epic Battle.

10 May 2006 - Right, I've been really nice and shoved all those OWA snaps into place over here. (And then I went back and fixed where all the em-dashes spit up on me.)

10 May 2006 - CONTROL ISSUES

Just a note, folks, a warning... I've converted all the CI pages to a php-ish version so the extensions have all changed.

Also, given that I finally got around to testing said php-ish thingie, I'll probably be converting the existing stories to not only use the new template, but also go that route, so any place any of this has been rec'd will start spitting up a 404 on those links.

And, because I had enough Snaps for CI to do my little test (i.e. got off my lazy ass and tried it), I've now also put a Snapshots link over there with 4 offerings, one of which was first seen at the end of CI's chapter 10.

07 May 2006 - I've got to say, there were several things about AC that really got me going. I simply adored how troubled Cloud could appear at times with those gorgeous big blue eyes and the mako stigmata.

And I experienced a certain naughty thrill when Kadaj went down on one knee in front of the WCM at Healin Lodge. It was such a wickedly sarcastic display of obeisance. And then, when he was rallying forth at the Forgotten City, one hand whirling in the air. The way he strode forward was just toooo sexy. I wish I could move like that.

I also adored Yazoo with his creepy soft, dead voice and air of not quite being all there in the head.

And of course, the texturing was divine, but I sort of expect that from Square. After all, Spirits Within might have been a total commercial flop, but there were any number of times when I had to remind myself that Cid was an animated character. The texturing they did for his face was brilliant.

Anyway, here's chapter 8 for CI, in case anyone is still listening, wherein Tonksy darling finds herself in a rather nasty situation.

04 May 2006 - OMG, that was fucking brilliant. I kept yelling at the screen, "Cloud, baby! Oooooo! Show them what you're made of, darling! That's right, make him suffer!"

I nearly died laughing at Loz's ringtone, and quite nearly had an orgasm when I heard Sephiroth speak. And yes, Vincent is to die for, though I was a bit thrown off by Cait Sith. His accent seemed to come out of nowhere.

I'm also glad I resisted most temptation insofar as spoilers went, so I didn't actually know who Mr Wheelchair was until it was revealed in the movie, though I was, sadly, aware of the peculiar nature of the silver trio. And on that note, I think Yazoo was the best looking of the bunch.

Rude and Reno were brilliant, and about what I'd have expected from having played FF7. I thought they were fantastic.

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure I'll ever be able to read another slash fic where Cid is one of the stars... that depiction was not exactly the sort of thing to get my naughty bits in an uproar.

Still, I was quite happy at the end, and definitely a bit choked up and teary. I wub my Mark, thank you! (And maybe he'll get around to playing the actual game now he's watched the damn movie sequel.)

04 May 2006 - Oh, Mark is such a love!!! (Even if he still won't read my fics.) I've just received an early birthday present from him of the Advent Children DVD and just popped it into my PS2 to watch! <bounces off happily>

03 May 2006 - Please remember, my friends, that I do not have any kind of mailing list thingy or related software, etc. so asking me to email you when a chapter is added for a story strictly posted here at Grazhir is an extremely hit or miss proposition.

I have a very bad memory, and I've never been able to get OE to do a mailing list, though their help seems to think it's possible.

Anyway, I'm really wicked pleased to toss up chapter 5 for CI, wherein one will find the delights of a little gathering of the erstwhile Golden Trio.

01 May 2006 - After an orgy of writing (several WIPs actually) I have decided to post the first two chapters of a new story I've been amusing myself with. I won't put it at FFN because I haven't the faintest intention of editing the snot out of it to fit an R rating.

Now, Control Issues is a slightly twisted offering, rife with abuse, rape, torture, sadism, and even naughty words. In a nutshell, it's a betrayal/revenge fic with a pairing of Harry/Voldemort.

I'm also not going to bother linking the chapter indicator until I have 03 ready to go. Any comments/reviews will need to be emailed to me, unfortunately, but my address is in my profile here.

And yes, once again, you can lay partial blame on Bats for encouraging me so enthusiastically after I showed the story to her. :) But we adore her, so that's okay, right?

16 April 2006 - So, I've not felt like writing anything. What have I been up to?

Well, I did a run through of Suikoden IV (and this time remembered to load the clear data and save the new game at the first opportunity so the green lettering would clue me in for next time).

In Xenosaga II I'm sitting in the encephalon, Old Miltia (14 Years Ago), ready to do some skill upgrade farming on Grips Sister. Once I'm ready to slit my own throat after doing that for a while, I'll toddle off to the final dungeon, Omega System. (I probably should have farmed Rob Blondell, but I wasn't in the mood.)

I don't think I'll bother with the stuff after the clear data... I've done that once already. If anything, it would make more sense to occasionally load up the save point where Shion is exp/skill pt. farming on the Dammerung and see how much past 50 I can get her before I run screaming for a change of pace.

I sort of wonder... how long would it take to get her to 99 in there?

In any case, I was a very good girl this time and farmed Orgulla for both Awakenings and Skill Upgrade Es (Manes form as well), and walked out of that battle (2.5 hrs) with 21 Awakening (good-bye Captain's debt!) and 40 Skill Upgrade Es. Whoo! Dogged persistence pays off. (Besides, who the hell wants to fight the Patriarch 21 times?)

Next, I dunno. I've been considering Suikoden III, or possibly Star Ocean 3... maybe even Xenosaga I. If I'm feeling particularly masochistic, I might even chuck Xenogears in (assuming I can find my PS memory cards). Ah, Redrum... Babel Tower...

Of course, if I had a power supply, it would be easier to just watch my collection of movie files (from those nice folks over at Onegai Studios) and skip all the leveling/fighting bits.

I heard tell that Xenosaga III would be available in the US this fall. Rather shocking, I'd say. Has it been that long already? I can only hope rumors of it being twice the length of the others are true... or better than true (especially since this is it and they've pulled the plug on completing the damn series).

Face it, both games so far have been shockingly short. Put the two together and it would have made a decent length game...

I'm still sick. I still feel like I've a case of strep. I think I'll have to resort to antibiotics shortly as I'm getting ever so slightly annoyed by the incredibly painful sensation of swallowing.

I have milk, but no Quik. <cries>

08 April 2006 - I'm ever so slightly ticked off now. Since when does slash equate to romance/relationship-centered? (Or frequent sex, for nymphs.)

There is no milk in the house, so I've been starving for over a day.

As of the moment, the next WIP up will either be Harry/Lucius (and that doesn't even have a plot, so I'd have to label it a PWP for now) or Harry/Severus (just had a brilliant idea pop into my head last night and it would work in that story).

At present I have 12 stories I could consider posting (not counting ones for Final Fantasy). Er, make that 13—one is actually complete, but it's so bloody awful I doubt I'll ever post it.

Eh, sorry, make that seriously pissed off now. Screw the idea of posting anything right now. There's been one too many shoes dropped today and I'm having fantasies about getting the guns out and destroying some breakables.

07 April 2006 - The final chapter of Forsaken. I promised myself I wouldn't drag things out and bore everyone to death, so...

Gods, how scary. The only known WIP I have left is FP, and I still can't get anywhere with that. Well, I'll simply have to start posting a new story, maybe two, and see where they go.

Well, and snapshots as they occur to me, right?

06 April 2006 - It's amazing what you find when you bother to be nosy. I've been dithering around over at the boards for Restricted and noticed that someone plugged me for OWA in a thread about best lines ever. Praise be to Allah! (Did I spell that right?)

03 April 2006 - By the way, as of yesterday, the lizard death count is now at 1.

02 April 2006 - And so we have the travesty of chapter 28. And hey, it's not April Fool's any longer, so it's not a joke.

28 March 2006 - Someone please explain to me the idiocy of writing Parseltongue such as... "Masssster, sssshould we be sssensssing..."

I'm sorry, but that's really difficult to read, and I think it's a bit stupid to assume that just because it's a sibilant language that it would automatically do that. It's like saying that Grindelwald ought to be spelled GrindelVald because of how certain countries pronounce the letter W.

Can't we all just assume it's sibilant, and dispense with the pointless additions? I don't even want to think about how it must upset spellcheck.

I know, pointless rant, I'm sure. It really does frost my cookies, though. Sort of like my views on wankers who can't just do Al Bhed in italics.

25 March 2006 - Someone is trying to torture me, I think. I occasionally glance at my stats page, and have noticed the "favs" count bouncing back and forth from 299 to 300 for OWA.

And again, for those who do actually read here, talk to me. I would really like to hear some opinions before I go any further with the travesty I call chapter 28 of Forsaken.

24 March 2006 - Talk to me.

24 March 2006 - I may, possibly, maybe... be coming down with a cold that's been on a rampage down here. My throat feels swollen.

I need to find a decent extension cord so I can plug in the PS2. What I'd play, I'm not sure. Probably either Xenosaga II or Suikoden IV... it really frosts my cookies I can't have Suikoden V just yet. <sobs and wails>

Yes, last night I uploaded new copies of every bleedin' chapter of OWA to FFN. And at that, I'll not be surprised if I still find more typos, errors, etc. as I read the story. Still, this is the first time I've been motivated enough to do a wholescale replacement so that people who don't visit Grazhir can still get the things I've changed, expanded, etc.

I really miss my forums, and it's not like anyone has decided to comment in what is available. Then again, over there <rolls eyes> you can't really speak freely, now can you? Still, it would be nice if... well, whatever.

23 March 2006 - God (assuming there is one) obviously hates me. I washed my hair, and what happens? It rains. Yes, thank you, I really did want to extend my drying time from six hours to ten or twenty. Danke!

23 March 2006 - Mind you, my husband has pointed out that while one of those overbed tables would be handy, we DO have a waterbed, so it would be a bit difficult to use one since it can't roll under properly...


23 March 2006 - <snort> FFN seems to have forgotten what a hit counter is for. Oh well. And I'm on like... round 3 or 4 of edits for OWA. Been reading it again today and keep finding yet more mistakes. It's horribly frustrating.

I am seriously considering finding a new home for my lamp and setting my desktop up on my bedside table. Not the best place for it, but... until we get a little more space in here, there's really no place else to put it.

What I really want (and have for some time) is one of those overbed tables like you see in hospitals or nursing homes. It doesn't have to be fancy (and at that, the cheapest I saw at one site I visited was just under $100). I'd just like to be able to make the best use of my available space, so I can sit in bed (as I do now with the laptop) and be able to see my monitor straight on...

I could just swing it out of the way when necessary, as it would only have to hold the monitor, keyboard, mouse...

Of course, considering I don't have a chair at the moment, the bed is the best bet. My chair is still back in Maine in my dad's shed.

Either way, having OFB sitting there giving me soulful looks isn't helping the situation any, and I hear that Cyan has actually released an update for Uru Live (D'mala Shard, at least) which fixes a few things (such as the Teledahn buckets), allowed access to the museum, and provided some new clothing for explorers. The marker missions can be massively annoying at times, but at least now you should be able to get the previously unfinishable one and complete them all. I wonder if that means calibration of the Great Zero is back on again?

Yes, I did some work on Forsaken, but I'm not very happy with any of it. Yes, there are things I want to happen or be said, but I think I'm doing a not so good job of late with that story. It's only about 400 lines at this point and I'm massively tempted to just post it as is since it's been forever since I updated that story. (Hermione needs to be spanked, I tell you.)

Maybe I will, and maybe I'll just have to ask a few questions for readers at the end of the chapter. I wish they could be answering here at Grazhir, but... maybe the FFN forums?

Is it just me, or do those not have a view count?

I've been reading a really complimentary review for Suikoden V, so that's a good thing. I'm really looking forward to when I can have it. The bad points mentioned don't seem to be too off-putting right now, but I guess I'll have to make up my mind then, right?

I probably won't bother with facial templates before installing OFB. I can just stick to my present custom neighborhood to check out all the new stuff. I'm lazy, we all know that by now. I wish I could just package up the sims I want to use as templates and send them off to a friend who would do the work for me. <snicker>

22 March 2006 - Expect minor changes. And remember, folks, that cute little scarab up there always brings you back home.

19 March 2006 - The final chapter of One Winged Angel.

19 March 2006 - So, I finally have a copy of Open for Business, but don't presently have a place to set up my computer. <slumps> I suppose when I can, I'll disappear again for a while so I too can learn about the joys of frustration.

Funny, though. Someone came up with a fairly good Voldemort sim (based on the GoF movie) and snapped a picture to share of him running a beauty salon. The picture itself depicted him holding a mirror in front of a newly made-over customer with a weird smile on his face. I found it hilarious.

I still need to make my replacement facial templates. I plan to delete my custom neighborhoods, again, and if I've those replacements in, I can be assured (mostly) that townies and NPCs will be generated with decent looks, not those monkey-faced whackos we see normally. Some of them look like they had quite the accident while getting collagen injections for their lips, plus hit the pavement face first one time too many if their flat noses are anything to go by.

Well, all right. Many of them have horribly hooked noses, or really long, or ski-jumps... It's quite frightening.

It's not that I mind ugly sims, but when 80 percent of all templates are ugly, that makes for a scary population! They can't all be Don Lothario, after all.

19 March 2006 - There is a god—all review responses are current.

17 March 2006 - I actually managed a bit of work on Forsaken, though not a huge amount.

15 March 2006 - For some reason, I've spent a good part of yesterday and today going over OWA (I think this might be the second time) and making small edits, not to mention fixing a few errors.

Now if only I could persuade myself to fix stories like Induction and CP?

At any rate, I've been considering, once the story is complete, archiving a third copy over at Fiction Alley. I dunno.

And maybe once I've completed it, I can re-upload all chapters at FFN to reflect the changes I've made. Though, I'm still incredibly annoyed at losing block quote, indents, most special characters, blah blah blah.

07 March 2006 - Interesting. The server re-appeared suddenly.

06 March 2006 - All right. I've finally learned to really like listening to Stamina Rose from Ghost in the Shell: SAC, and Rise from SAC2. I have to wonder at times if eventually I'll appreciate everything off the OSTs I have, or if that day will never come.

Meanwhile, I've also added Ready Steady Go from Full Metal Alchemist and Ride On Shooting Star from FLCL.

Maybe by the time I'm able to re-host this site I'll have made a bunch of corrections. Such as, updated coding for the listboxes (and such that I can include them on every chapter page), and things like buttons to go back to the top or home at the ends of pages. Why I never put those there to begin with is beyond me.

Yeah, right at the moment, I'm talking strictly to myself. Until I can move the site to a server that isn't AWOL, it's not like I can upload anything for people to read.

Then again, I'm so friggin' lazy of late, I can't be sure I'll get around to it, no matter how much I'd like to fix things to make it easier.

Oooookay. I don't think GET9 is going to be staying in my playlist. I feel like I just fell into a time warp just listening to it.

In any case, Origa has an exceptional voice in my opinion. Almost makes me want to learn Russian.

31 January 2006 - Why, why, why do people continue to assume that Lily Potter is Lillian or Lilith or some derivative? Why can't her name simply be a flower like her sister's?

Why do people make Harry out to be Harold, Harrison, Heron, or something similar? (Mind you, I love the name Heron.) Sure, I can't personally stand the name Harold (and certainly not as heard from the mouth of one Miss Hermione Granger), but that's not why it bugs me when people do that. He was called up to the sorting hat as Harry, which strongly implies that IS his actual name and not a nickname.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I could have sworn I've seen proof that they are LILY and HARRY either at JKR's website or via interviews with her.

Of course, odds are that Severus's middle name is Tobias, which no one would know/guess prior to HBP (no, I haven't checked yet and even if it is I don't plan on fixing CP or OWA, though I might).

Yeah, I've done some more on various stories. There's a chapter of OWA that's almost long enough, and I've been sorely tempted to just post the damn thing despite it not being of a length I consider adequate, but I'm still holding off for the moment (that assumes anyone is even paying attention).

I think I've realized that it's fairly close to the end for both OWA and Forsaken. There really isn't a whole lot more I can say for either of them without drawing things out meaninglessly. Perhaps that explains my present state of mind and general lack of motivation when it comes to writing.

I don't particularly want them to end, but they must at some point.

To pass the time (between searching for things to read) I've been working on other stories. One is something I'll probably never post since it's a back in time dealie (you've seen plenty of them) where Harry has the chance to go back and do things over since the outcome was a tragic win. Another is an AU starting just after 2nd year and involves another popular cliché of an unknown school. I probably won't ever post that either.

Another is a much older idea that I've merged with a separate story idea which might eventally see the light of day. And another involves a crossover with a game which may or may not see the light of day.

Every time I think of HBP I get depressed. I loathe Harry/Ginny so much, and I still think that pairing came out looking like JKR was writing seriously crappy fanfiction in its execution. It makes me dread what will actually come to pass in the final book. I almost hope Harry ends up dead if that shit keeps on.

Meanwhile, I've been having serious cravings for fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. And I don't mean those sissy potatoes that have been ruined with a mixer so they've been puréed. What a waste.

Hail Bisto!

Down with pop-unders!

If I'm lucky I'll get to have dinner at the Roadhouse Grill again soon. If I'm really lucky someone will buy me that Advent Children DVD soon. It's out now, isn't it? I don't have a PSP nor do I plan on getting one, so. . . .

22 January 2006 - It helps when you occasionally clear your cookies, eh?

I now have a cable running to the bedroom, which means I can go back to working/reading from bed (blessed be!).

Earlier I stepped into the bathroom and immediately shrieked on seeing a wolf spider gracing the side of the tub. Naturally, I called for my brave and daring husband to come vanquish the bastard (or would that be bitch?) so that I could once again enter in safety. (We shall not talk much about the palmetto bug which tried to enter our computer space, but he was also vanquished.)

I may have figured out a prank for OWA, though it's not exactly of the same caliber as the first two—I've gone over prank ideas from the "muggle" world a dozen times and come up blank, so this will probably have to do.

Bless mp3 players for serving double duty. I used mine earlier to transfer a file from my desktop to my husband's.

20 January 2006 - It's really quite pathetic that I can't seem to get any further with a chapter for OWA simply because I can't think of a third prank to pull.

I got the shock of my life earlier while in the bathroom...having looked up to see a huge frickin' palmetto bug crawling on one of the walls. Sheesh. Damn things are alarming. Naturally, I tried to squish it to death as it was crawling in the door frame, but that didn't work and it escaped. Alas.

Meanwhile, I'm writing a chapter for a totally new story since I can't seem to get anywhere with the other three, and that's on top of two chapters for yet another story, and I'm still writing down ideas for more AUs, many of which employ popular cliché.

On a different note, I've decided I dislike Harry as the "Lord of Light" since too many of those seem to haul the Devil into things. Mind you, I also find it quite strange that even an insane Voldemort would want to give over his body to Lucifer. It wouldn't be HIS power any longer—he'd be subsumed.

07 January 2006 - It's funny. In some stories I see authors ranting quite loudly (so to speak) about all those perverts out there who write slash, yet often enough I stumble over people who's fondest activity is pairing Harry off with 2, 3, or even 4 female partners.

I see others who rant about age differences (often encountered with Harry/Severus or Remus or Sirius) while seeing some pair Harry off with Bellatrix.

It's sort of interesting that certain perversions seem to be more acceptible than others, don't you think? Strangely enough, most Harry/multiple!females stories squick me almost as badly as Harry/Ginny and Harry/Cho.

Well, whatever.

I still cannot login to, though I did do some work on OWA earlier.

04 January 2006 - In case anyone is interested, no I am not dead. However, I have just recently been involved in a cross-country move.

On a side note, as of the past few days, I have been unable to login at I have no idea if my laptop has suddenly decided to go wonky on me, or if my accounts have been suspended for some unknown reason (I tried with both, though you lot would only recognize one of them).

I have not received a notice of any kind from that site either, so I have no idea what's actually going on at this point. All I do know is that I was able to login several days ago.

Obviously, if I even had a chapter for anything ready to go, I couldn't upload it anyway under these circumstances. That being said, I do not have one ready, though if I did, I would have posted it here at Grazhir for those of you who do check in.

All of this upheaval lately has been a serious detriment to my creativity.

If I'm lucky, and I can get my hands on a super-long cat5 cable, I'll be moving my setup into the room my cats are presently living in, and perhaps then I can begin to consider the idea of working, rather than reading and making notes for story ideas which have nothing whatsoever to do with present WIPs.

On that note, I shall go back to my sweating (no AC, Florida) and reading.