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09 December 2005 - So, it snowed today. There's at least 6 inches out there, and more like 9, possibly a foot. (I'm not too keen on whipping out a tape measure and checking it exactly.) Naturally, my car was already under at least 4 inches when I woke up.

Given that it showed no signs of letting up, I grudingly pulled on a set of my mother's boots, a coat and gloves, and bravely marched outside to brush all the snow off my car in advance of parking it in the garage.

Naturally, the mechanism on the right-side door didn't seem to want to function for me (I have no idea why, honest), so I had to manually open and close it. And, of course, my car did not want to go in, deciding instead to let me know the built up snow was slippery.

Still, my car is now snug. I'll probably get yelled at for the door mysteriously breaking, though. Either way, since one of the neighbors just whipped through with his plow truck, it's a good thing I moved the car out of the way.

Needless to say, I did not go fetch the mail from the post office at the other end of our road. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. If not, I'll just have a huge handful to bring back on Monday. (Wouldn't be surprised if the post-mistress cringes every time she realizes I'm housesitting, since I don't go every day.)

08 December 2005 - Ah, winter! The chill air, the 42 layers of clothing, the biting wind, the dry, flaky skin, the constant nosebleeds...

07 December 2005 - I hate that people writing FF X (X-2) fanfics seem to always write Al Bhed in the actual, rather than just making it italicized English. Lord knows, I love those two games, but I get seriously annoyed at having to scroll down to the end of the chapter to see what they said, or load up that translator in another window.

I went looking for Jack/Daniel SG-1 stories and was overrun with a plethora of drabbles and teensy oneshots. How boring!!!!!!! And depressing.

Meanwhile, Policy of Truth is playing in trusty old Winamp.

06 December 2005 - And another thing, what is with people who think 500-1,000 words is a decent chapter length, and who apologize if they're longer than that, or even if there's more than 10 chapters total?

Are these people insane?

Does today's youth quail at the thought of reading something that actually requires a vocabulary? That takes more than five minutes to read?

Am I feeling maudlin because Zanarkand Ruins is currently up in my Winamp playlist? (Maybe...that's always a tear-jerker in my opinion.)

I'm beginning to think I'm too damn smart for my own good.

I'm also currently seeing one hella big black flan wobbling around in my imagination, backed by the pyreflies and the magnificence of the ruins.

06 December 2005 - I am getting seriously fucking annoyed at the number of fanfics which seem to think anyone over 30 is "old." Considering that I'm pushing 40 myself, I'm feeling more than a little vicariously insulted here.

28 November 2005 - The death toll is now 3 mousies.

27 November 2005 - The death count is now up to 2 mousies.

27 November 2005 - As it turns out, I am not crazy, and the noises I was hearing emanating from the bathroom were not a type of hallucination, nor the sound of the heat/cold cycles contracting and expanding building materials.

I got very freaked out early this morning by these noises, as I was prepping that chapter for posting. Sometime today dad put a mouse trap in the cupboard under the sink, and sure enough, a quick check just a minute ago revealed a very dead mousie.

Naturally, the trap has been reset and put back in case another mousie should decide to risk his life.

27 November 2005 - Oddly enough, this latest chapter of Forsaken has turned out to be longer than I realized. I really wish UE would figure out the line number thing for longer files.

Well, whatever. Hopefully nobody out there will throw rotten fruit once they've read it.

24 November 2005 - And on this day, wherein we hosted Thanksgiving dinner unexpectedly, my brother and his dog Hailey came (though, technically, the night before). And on this day, after dinner was done with, we have seen with our very own eyes, Hailey tossing her cookies in no less than three separate locations.

It seems that Mr Dreadlock Mouse has died, and Hailey was unable to digest the fluffy filling (no doubt, it didn't taste all that good either). Mr Mouse has been consigned to the bin, of course, and Hailey has been booted out to contemplate her sins.

23 November 2005 - And in today's breaking news, mum was briefly held hostage by a shopping cart in the parking lot of Hanaford's. The cart in question, a wide version, latched onto one of the cords hanging from her coat (you know, those thingies you use to tighten 'em up?) and refused to let go until otherwise persuaded by the efforts of both of us. The cart was then banished to the cart rack in disgrace.

23 November 2005 - It's still snowing, and the FedEx guy was awfully cute, though probably too young, alas.

Of course, I prefer to believe that a volcano mysteriously appeared and erupted somewhere nearby, which would explain this odd white stuff which continues to fall from the grey sky.

I was right, by the way. Mr Squeaky Man III is being held in reserve.

23 November 2005 - My mother has just tried to tell me (5.48 am) that it's snowing outside. Naturally, I told her she's delusional. After all, it's not supposed to snow until after Thanksgiving, so she must she seeing things.

In other news, Mr Rabbit is still in one piece, and there's a new Mr Squeaky Man hanging on a hook on the pantry door (he's being held in reserve, I think).

I'm nearly through with a new chapter of Forsaken, though OWA's chapter is only about 1/3 done.

18 November 2005 - So, all right, I've just got back from seeing Goblet of Fire in the theatre. I'm actually fairly happy. It's a far cry better than PoA was, that's for sure. Even so, I think that Dumbledore is out of character in this film.

And my, doesn't our darling Lord Voldemort have long toenails?

On a related note, I'm even more enamored of Neville's actor, and the twins. They're getting even more dishy as time goes by, while poor Dan Radcliffe, unfortunately, seems to be getting even uglier. Alas.

Edit: I have sewed Mr Rabbit back up, but as my brother's dog Hailey is visiting, I put him back on the shelf in the bedroom until he comes to collect her (tomorrow?). Even so, I don't expect Mr Rabbit to live a very long life, even after his surgery.

10 November 2005 - I watched Tim Burton's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory last night. I think I enjoyed it a lot more than the original film. I was certainly entertained during the entire length, and could appreciate the present day jokes that were included (such as Oprah being seen in the TV room sequence, not to mention use of the 2001 Space Oddessy inclusions).

In other news, Mr Brown Rabbit (dad informs me he was originally orange in colour) has suffered an injury today. A random glance up from what I was reading revealed quite a bit of white fluff on the carpet and the muttered comment, "Bugger all."

Mr Brown Rabbit is currently propped on a shelf in my bedroom drying out. I shall have to get out the needle and thread later on and sew up a couple of tears in his skin. Hopefully he will last longer than Mr Squeaky Man did after surgery.

Oddly enough, the dogs don't seem all that fond of Mr Dreadlock Mouse. Though, closer inspection of him shows that I might be mistaken in having named him. It's possible that Mr Mouse is in fact a lion, which would explain the dreads. Mum says he's a bear, so I shall simply continue to blindly assume he's a mouse.

06 November 2005 - Mr Squeaky Man is dead. All bow your heads for a moment of silence.

Mind you, the first Mr Squeaky Man was ravaged unto death by my brother's dog, Hailey, while she was visiting. He was replaced with a new one a bit later on.

Today, however, I noticed Jezebel noshing on an odd greenish fluff, and immediately rescued the poor bastard, only to find that his leg had been ripped open. (Mr Squeaky Man is a little toy with a squeaker inside that resembles a gingerbread man in shape, with what mimics a sheep's coat on the exterior.)

So I retrieved the fluff and stuffed it back in, all the while cringing and squirming because Mr Squeaky Man was rather wet... and then performed surgery and sewed his leg back up. Of course, we later realized that a great deal of his filling was on my parents' bed, but that had to be discarded.

Unfortunately, after a marathon of tug-o-war between Jezebel (dachshund) and Tank (yellow lab), it was revealed that Mr Squeaky Man had suffered a mortal blow, his groin area being ripped open in an appalling display of doggy violence.

He was resigned to the kitchen trash bin under the sink, at the age of approximately one week.

Currently under the gun is Mr Dreadlock Mouse, who hopefully will last a bit longer than his predecessor (a non-dreadlock mouse) who was consigned to the bin several days ago after having been vivisected and his squeaker removed.

Edit: On a related note, mum pulled Mr Brown Rabbit from the basket of toys with the idea that the dogs might like to play with him as well. She squeaked him a few times to catch their attention, then tossed him through the air for them to chase.

Unfortunately, he landed in the water dish where he promptly began to drown, and had to be rescued. He is currently relaxing on the carpet and being ignored by the dogs, as is Mr Dreadlock Mouse.

05 November 2005 - Okay, a new chapter of Forsaken for you all.

05 November 2005 - (five minutes later) Well, all right, it is something freakish going on. Having just checked, I not only realized that the stats have been reset, but that there are four other reviews I wasn't aware of for that snapshot. No email. Hmm. <stares suspiciously at>

Oh, and in response to one of those reviews, I linked the most recent snapshot for each here on the main page.

I'll give it another day or so before I have to email myself a copy of those reviews. I don't know whether or not things will catch up on their own.

05 November 2005 - It seems has been having more trouble lately. What a surprise. A new chapter of OWA is posted for your reading displeasure. Another chapter of Forsaken shouldn't be too far along behind, but no promises. Both these stories are being rather difficult at the moment.

I did spend some time today on how exactly I'm going to pull off getting Harry out of Privet Drive for OWA, and have several variations on a theme jockeying for position at the moment.

Speaking of problems, did do a complete hiccup or something. Yes, I'm already annoyed at the single review for that snapshot (so far), and I'm starting to wonder if it's just being asinine again. There was that horrible issue with a chapter of Induction being completely ignored until I expressed my feelings on it.

Then again, you may all hate it, and are being kind by saying nothing.

03 November 2005 - Okay, I know that people have been reading the new snapshot, but not one freakin' review so far? We're coming up on 200 hits at, and not a word from anyone. (I don't count you, Bats, by the way.)

Either people are being uncharacteristically quiet today, or you all hate it and just can't bear to say so.

03 November 2005 - We had three children appear for Halloween. Thankfully, the candy supply has since been replenished, meaning I can continue to indulge my cravings for mini Butterfinger Crisp bars.

Of course, my mother did buy me six cannoli the other day, so that's good too. I do think the bakery should take lessons from Publix, though, in how to make them better. The ratio of shell to cheese is a bit off, and the cheese has a rather odd consistency, rather like very warm icing (even though refrigerated), and almost gluey. I have to use a fork to eat one of the suckers. Ah, well. They still taste quite nice, so I shan't complain about the good fortune of having got my hands on some.

The husband has arrived safely in Florida, and it appears that the cats have not suffered major trauma, though neither are they exactly happy about the present living arrangements.

I watched Batman Begins this evening—I'm not entirely certain if I enjoyed it or not, though.

Oh, of course, a new snapshot has been added for Forsaken.

30 October 2005 - So, I'm at my parents' house. My husband is even now somewhere in New York, presumably not getting lost. As it was, transporting the cats this far last night resulted in a drive punctuated by quite piteous mewing from Storm. I felt sorta bad, really. The cats have only been in a car a couple of times. I think Shadow was just plain traumatized. He never made a sound, not even after they got here and were tucked into the laundry room and the cages opened. He wouldn't come out.

I don't even want to think about how the cats react to being in a new home temporarily...a home that contains about 4 cats already. Though, I do know that Storm will spend quite a bit of time hissing her head off.

Mark admits to not having read Induction. I think we should form a lynch mob and teach that boy a lesson. <nod>

My desktop has been set back up so I can play Sims2 as the urge hits. The biggest adjustment being here for a while is having to deal with the television being on constantly. I would go relax on the bed with the laptop, but smoking is forbidden in bedrooms, so I can't do that. I could go into the computer room, but then I can't put my legs up. Ah, well. I shall survive.

26 October 2005 - Josh assures me that I am not crazy, and that Induction is indeed funny. He says he chortled through the whole story. Therefore, I shall continue to be amused by it in the future and not feel like I ought to be keeping an eye out for the men in white coats.

Mark, on the other hand, told me I was whacko. But, then, he's never actually read any of my fanfiction, so I had to take that with a grain of salt. At least, I don't think he has—well, definitely not this story. I may have asked before, but it's not like I can remember things. . . . (btw, adventure?)

On a vaguely related note, some editing work has been done (at the moment of this comment) on chapters one through seven for Forsaken to correct some pesky little errors, and in the odd case or three, fix dialogue that has annoyed me greatly for some time, but never felt frisky enough to correct.

Then again, perhaps frisky isn't quite the right term. More like massively irritated of late. I also continue to feel like crap, which explains how much tea I've been drinking. No doubt, the persistent rain has at least a little to do with my mood.

And now, I shall go back to re-reading Forsaken.

Edit: I take that back. I've now edited all 25 chapters of Forsaken and uploaded them here. Most of it is just minor, fiddly stuff, but there are occasions of definite changes. Realistically speaking, though, the only major change was to chapter 4, because of Severus being horrifically OOC during his little chat with Brand that first time around.

I'm not saying I got all the errors. Heaven knows, I often edit a chapter and think I have, then read it again a day later and see all sorts of other shit I managed to miss. Now if I could just work up the enthusiasm to do all 30+ chapters of OWA, and 40+ of CP. As it is, I've been awake about, oh, 27 hours now, and am feeling slightly tired. Perhaps I shall just go to bed?

Mind you, since I expect that my husband set the alarm to go off in two hours, I have to wonder if I will just sleep through it like the dead, or wake up in an extremely pissy mood and start kicking violently when he attempts to do things like hit the snooze button. (It's currently 9.45am EST.)

24 October 2005 - I've come to the realization that I must, in fact, be completely off my rocker. You see, I've been up since 5pm yesterday—naturally, I did attempt to sleep this morning, but a sour stomach has prevented that quite handily—so I've been reading Induction to pass the time and drinking tea.

The thing is, I've been giggling through the entire thing (when I haven't been going, "Ooooo, naughty," that is) over the interactions between Albus and Severus, and even Albus and Harry. And on occasion, over the whole deal where Albus is apparently daft, but in reality very much isn't, Harry is just plain confused half the time, and Severus is quite sure he's got one over on just about everyone, but is horribly wrong (not to mention how he's wallowing in denial).

I wasn't aware that I'd written a comedy. Either that, or I really am whacko.

19 October 2005 - And there's the final "chapter" of Masks for you.

17 October 2005 - And, another chapter of OWA. I'm almost halfway through for Forsaken. Nothing as of yet for FP. I did, however, spend some time on a different story, but since I have yet to decide how I want to resolve the story, I doubt I'll post any of it any time soon. It would be unfair to start posting another new story when I'm not even sure I can finish it.

I also finished another chapter for my FF8/FF7 crossover, but again, until I know I can figure out some sort of ending, there's no point in posting it. Of course, most people who read these notes probably aren't all that keen on those anyway (if my hit count for Choices is anything to go by, at least).

17 October 2005 - I've caught up on my responses. :)

16 October 2005 - A new story has been added. It's in three parts, so expect to see the other two shortly.

12 October 2005 - Good or bad, there's another chapter of FP. Still, considering how very unpopular the story is, I have to wonder why I bother with it. <shrug>

11 October 2005 - Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead. I have been, however, somewhat distracted and out of sorts, though I was considerably perked up and amused the other day when I installed Crammyboy's little mod and got to see my male sims as being anatomically correct . . . with options for colour and, er, other stuff!

Of course, now that I have Nightlife, I am even more considering the idea of doing a Simified version of ISG. After all, I can build Grey's nightclub, Haven, now. Booths! I can make booths! And a dance floor! (I think I need to go download some plastic flowers, though, since I can't put the real onces on the roof I don't think.)

I'm also behind on my responses again.

02 September 2005 - Okay, okay, I did my review responses! Someone spank me for being a bad, bad, lazy girl!

02 September 2005 - There is something just totally kinky about having a household of nearly all Romance Sims, and watching the husband of the youngest heir spin up wants to flirt with his grandfather-in-law.

01 September 2005 - And yes, I will do responses soon. I've been such a bad girl lately (like this is new?).

29 August 2005 - Oh my god, this is so friggin cute! Go here and read Rusty's story (assuming you've never seen it before).

29 August 2005 - If I were more of a masochist, I would go to the trouble of attempting to properly filter out which reviews for Crumbling Pedestal actually were directed at the alternates only and move those to a new response page.

But I'm not.

However, I have made a slight change or two given that I decided to post a snapshot file for Forsaken. You'll notice that if you glance over to the left at the WIP list and check the links.

Anyway, there ought to be a new chapter of Forsaken soon, as well as the second oneshot for the snapshots file. The third is being a bit more difficult.

Oh, and let me just say that I hadn't realized what a pain in the ass is about titles. Sheesh.

27 August 2005 - You know, it really helps when I remember to update that link over there to the left. <snort>

On another unrelated note, I've also come to really enjoy listening to JENOVA Absolute from the FF7 OST.

27 August 2005 - I admit, I have of late felt very little inclination toward anything remotely resembling the effort of thought. As such, I have indulged myself in reading, watching movies I've already seen, and playing Sims 2.

My not-quite-Legacy family is doing splendidly, by the way. Caedryn is just about done with university, and will shortly be returning to the Slytherin household in order to convince Remus to marry him and have at least one baby. Of course, Remus has already been invited to visit Caedryn's dorm and been seduced into a whoohoo session in the hot tub (the cutscene for that is just delicious, I think).

Oddly enough, the first two generations produced twins, which I found suspicious, but the third got just Caedryn, so I expect it was simply peculiar odds. I admit, it is nice having the revised version (by TwoJeffs) of LaserArc's pregnancy-for-all mod in place. It was very annoying to constantly have to use the InSIMenator to manage same sex pregnancies. This mod allows them to try for baby regardless, and I get the suprise of not knowing if twins will be produced rather than consciously choosing them.

I actually got all upset when the first generation, Heru and Pavonis, died of old age. It really distressed me to see the family members remaining bawl their eyes out when that happened. I even called my husband at work to tell him, at which point he laughed at me (not unexpected, I must say). Anselm (the first son) has already passed on, and I expect his mate Shinji to go at any moment, and Brand and his mate (the name escapes me at the moment) are to turn Elder in just a couple of sim days.

I've taken to making the heir aspirations Romance, simply because I love seeing them do their little strut on their way to do a flirt or a kiss.

I am presently angsting over a section of the current chapter of Forsaken, which strikes me as being a very boring intro to something else. Much like Hermione in earlier chapters, this has me wanting to beat my head against my desk in frustration.

And, a very persistent idea has been butting heads with me, to the point where I've partly completed a oneshot set in the Forsaken universe. I expect if I can successfully complete it, I shall create a new "story" for that (rather than including it in the main file).

It's what I really ought to have done with the alternates for Crumbling Pedestal, but didn't. As it is, I cannot do so now, as I would lose two chapters' worth of reviews on that story, and I suspect that someone would report me for replacing them with placeholder text and get the story yanked, or my account whacked.

I also spent some time on a story I've had in mind for quite some time, though I admit I did not get even so far as to complete a chapter of it. The idea itself has the potential to be funny, but I have my doubts as to whether or not I can pull it off properly. I think, and perhaps I'm simply deluding myself, that I do far better with sarcasm than outright humor.

On another note, you can look here to see a very sketchy idea. Please note that the right-side images do change on reload. I honestly don't know if I should keep fiddling with it or not, or simply keep what I have but change the header a bit. If you feel like sending me email on it, that'd be fine, though checking just now, I can say that the old-server forums appear to still be working. (I really do need to motivate the SO into getting the new database ready so I can install over here and finish moving finally.)

On a completely unrelated note, I've given Living Inside the Shell, from (I think) the 2nd Ghost in the Shell: SAC OST, a second chance, and have come to enjoy listening to it quite a bit.

15 August 2005 - I have to say that I am more than a little annoyed. I honestly understand, and sympathize, over the issue of NOT liking authors including review responses (though honestly, I'd have to re-read the rules on that), but let us be honest here—pretty much anyone can get a LiveJournal or some sort of blog, or a free account at one of those places like Angelfire, etc. to post review responses.

After all, part of my own decision to change Grazhir from a fansite for a game I played to my fanfiction home was based on that very issue (naturally, smut was a larger factor). Of course, I pay for the server I use, and I pay for this domain name. But that's my choice.

HOWEVER, I am very, very annoyed that I have received not only an email (with a faked originator, no less) in my inbox, but also had Forsaken and OWA spammed with the exact same text as anonymous reviews, more than once in one case. Naturally, I deleted them.

If someout out there wants to put together a petition, so be it. Set it up at one of the sites DESIGNED for such things and have the address as a "signature" in emails or an honest review.

Don't spam me, please. I even went to the trouble to export every chapter at that still contained review responses from pre-Grazhir, edited them, and stuck them back in so that they couldn't call me on it. (Granted, once I finish editing everything for real, I'll have to replace the chapters anyway...)

Anyway, do NOT spam my stories with this. If I'm on the front pages because of an update, don't take that as an excuse to thrust another petition notice in. Don't use my stories as a way to further your own goals simply by virtue of the fact that some readers actually do see how others respond to a chapter.

12 August 2005 - Well, that was a nice surprise. When I visited I auto-logged in to the forums and was able to backup the database! Whoo!

I suppose that means that people could technically still post there?

12 August 2005 - How odd, certain pages don't seem to want to display any longer. I guess I'll have to figure out what went wrong during the move. In any case, I think I may have found a design idea that appeals to me, so I think I'll spend some time scrounging up a few images I'll need and get to work on creating a new layout.

Of course, that will mean I'll have to upload the entire site again, but that's not really a big deal, I suppose.

9 August 2005 - Huh, and there goes another chapter. No idea how that happened, honest. Maybe we'll see OWA shortly as well.

9 August 2005 - I'm about 1/3 of the way through a chapter for Forsaken at this moment, though a chapter is finished for OWA (I'm letting it sit for a bit so I can go back and decide if it's complete trash or not).

I have to wonder, though, if when I can put the forums back up if I should simply get the most current version of phpbb. I don't know if it will import the backup, though (but I admit I haven't bothered to go look, either).

I still have the urge to redesign the site, but no matter what I come up with it all seems like more of the usual trash. Oh well.

8 August 2005 - Oops. So, Grazhir has been moved over to the new server, which means the forums are inaccessible except for reading (meaning, you can't log into them), which makes it a little difficult for me to back it up one last time.

So, okay. That means is I lost a review, so I'll just have to copy that to pop in later on, I guess.

4 August 2005 - So, it seems that we're having some issues with Apache 2.0 on the new server, so I have no idea now how long before the move. It could be a month, or it could be next week. But, given that I don't expect an interruption of any kind in service for a bit, I felt safe enough in updating.

I am told, however, that it might be longer for the forums once things are set up, so even though I do back up the database when something changes, I have no idea how long after the move before that's actually active again. If the forum link fails, you'll know why.

Mail is working, though. I switched the server over already and have been having no problems (well, unless someone manages to crash the sucker). All that means is I shouldn't have to reroute anything through gmail (thank goodness).

I've made it to disc 3 for FF 7, which is good, but I still need to work on Cid and Vincent's limit breaks (though, the dark dragons in the north crater can be manipulated, so it should be easy once I have all the x/1 limits learned). I also still have Ruby and Emerald weapon to defeat, and some master materia sets to complete.

Speaking of which, I went out and purchased a new controller from Madcatz which supposedly has Turbo, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. No such button, I'm afraid, and they haven't answered my email yet, the wankers. It almost makes me want to go back to using the gamesharked save file so I already have certain things, but I honestly don't know if my Dex Drive will work properly on an XP machine. Never got around to testing that.

Oh, yeah—Jack Thompson is a weenie.

27 July 2005 - Now I remember why FF 7 used to give me so many headaches. Like other games of that era, you cannot use the stick to move. I can live with the swap on X and O, but lack of the stick is a real pain in the tuckas. (For some reason, even though I can get used to the X/O swap in Xenosaga, I can't stand it here and reconfigure the controller unless, for some reason, I must switch it back briefly.)

I wandered onto disc 4 of FF 9 (re-writing an FAQ as I went along) before I decided to take a break on that. I haven't decided if I really want to fight Ozma or Hades yet.

A chapter of OWA is going to go up shortly (though Forsaken is giving me more trouble). I admit, I've given serious consideration as to how Remus will react when Harry talks to him. I have deliberated the matter of whether he would accept things or not. I suppose I've decided how I want it to go, mainly (note: this is not part of the chapter to be posted, it's the next one).

If you want to comment on that, feel free to start a thread in Musings at the forums. I continue to back up the database when I notice a change because of the upcoming server move (which, by the way, is still being prepped from what my husband says, though he also tells me he should be able to transfer the entire site over easily enough—hopefully this also means no loss of email while in transition and not having to switch to gmail for a bit).

I'm not going to bother to fix the forum "skin" until after the move.

I finally completed my Escaflowne collection, so we'll have to be sitting down soon to have a marathon.

21 July 2005 - It's come to my attention that we may be moving to a new physical server. For the moment I've backed up the entire site (including the forums), but I'm not sure how much of a pain this will be.

It may also mean that I'll need to change my email address at temporarily to my gmail account (blech), then back, so I don't miss anything.

When I'm sure/have more information, I'll let y'all know.

19 July 2005 - Okay, another chapter of Forsaken for you. Early.

19 July 2005 - First let me say that I have no idea why the forums have suddenly reverted to the original style. I'll have to pop into the admin section and see if what I set up went missing. Gonna be pissed if it did.

Apparently, the Grazhir template fried itself somehow. I get the feeling I never bothered to export it. I guess I'll have to recreate the sucker?

Anyhoo, I should mention that I've already been asked by one person if I plan on giving up on notsonice!Dumbledore fics. My answer was and is no. That is the beauty of AU in my opinion.

However, I may borrow certain portions of HBP for my WIP fics (specifically thinking of OWA at the moment).

17 July 2005 - The spoiler version of my HBP thoughts so far.

16 July 2005 - I'm quite curious now—what was Regulus Black's middle name, hm?

16 July 2005 - Holy freakin' shit. US edition, chapter 23, page 497. Am I good, or what!? GO ME!!!

15 July 2005 - Gosh, a chapter of Forsaken the same day.

15 July 2005 - Finally, the day (almost) we've all been waiting for! So, I finished FF8 (I got bored of stat maxing activities and headed off to kill the bitch) and switched over to FF9 instead. Dagger just "went home" and Zidane & Co. are off to Cleyra (though not without a pause to learn currently unlearned abilities and for Quina to grab a Blue Magic over at the beach before heading in). There are definitely days I wish I had a turbo controller, I must say.

My husband really can't understand why I have so much patience for games like I play when I've little patience for anything else. I suppose he has a point, though, considering that I was contemplating another round of FF8 from a low-level/no-level viewpoint so that once I had Cactuar or the other GFs with stat bonuses I could really beef people up.

I did manage to do that with Quistis since I neglected to use her whenever possible, but I had to use Devour for Zell and Squall, and sources I could refine.

Anyway, I figure I'll move right into FF7 once I'm done with 9, even if it does mean having to suffer through that horrible Lifestream sequence.

I've been catching up on my reading today (I was happy to see some chapter notices from several interesting stories in my email). Unfortunately, I don't feel all that well. Might have something to do with the Pepsi in the fridge, but I was craving it so bad, even though I know it's bad for me.

07 July 2005 - Sorry folks. Having serious trouble with the "meeting" in Forsaken as well as most of the next chapter of OWA. Frankly, I'm not sure if that one is just a load of boring dross or not.

In any case, since I've been feeling pretty idea-less, I decided to spend time playing FF VIII instead (ah, the joys of Triple Triad!) for a few days or whatever. If it comes to it, OWA will see a new chapter that may be viewed as filler, but hey, they can't all be gems.

On a side note, I was very much not pleased to see a particular review for OWA. It was short and to the point, but lacked . . . hmm. A "please" would have been nice. But, whatever. When I do update the responses page, it should be obvious what I'm babbling about.

The 4th went well. The food was good, etc. The only bad parts were where the new addition to the family (1 month old Jezebel, miniature dachshund—Jasper died, so mum and dad got a new puppy) tried to piddle on the living room carpet (I rushed her outside) and where the yellow lab stole a raw hamburger, ate it, then tossed it back up, at which point the baby found it and thought it looked appetizing.

Thank goodness for a hose nearby.

30 June 2005 - Gosh, another chapter. And the new book is soon to be out. I admit I'm a bit scared. I really don't think I'm ready to hear anything about Harry's love life, you know? Well, okay, I think I could handle it if it were Luna. Maybe.

Still frothing over the idea of the Advent Children dvd coming out—mid-September, I think.

Heard about Arc the Lad: End of Darkness, but the comments I've seen so far haven't been very complimentary. I dunno. Not sure I want to spend the money on it. Of course, Sims 2: Nightlife should be up soon, and I'll have to get that, even though I haven't played in ages.

Today has been OK, but not perfect. I still have hope. I made french bread yesterday (and christ, isn't that a hella long process) but was very upset to realize that I just used the last of the butter. Now, some of you might be satisfied with spread, but when it comes to fresh baked bread (and baked potatoes, or steak for that matter), I want the genuine article, darn it.

29 June 2005 - Well, we had a bit of an upset Monday morning. Came very close to paying homage again, but disaster was averted with much close-eyed chanting to the powers that be. I'm still feeling pretty uncertain about things, unfortunately, but we'll see.

Maybe it's the heat? It's been awfully damn hot lately, and that always tends to make me a bit ill, though not usually this bad (I think the only reason I survived for so long in Florida was central air). Frankly, I'm disgusted. I recall, back when I was very much unaware of the hideous toll that soda was taking on my system, it was very much a normal day for me to be knocking back Pepto pills or Maalox or whatever in a desperate attempt to settle things, and I often ended up going home from work early because I could not bear it, or because I ended up tossing my cookies.

Thankfully, that pretty much stopped once I dropped soda and started drinking chocolate milk instead. Heck, I even gained back some weight finally (enough that my parents stopped thinking I was anorexic—I mean really, I did manage to eat all those years, but I lost weight and couldn't get much above 110 lbs. Now I'm at 115-ish and they seem happy enough, go figure). At least it wasn't celiac disease as suspected. That would have really sucked seeing how much I looooove bread. Anyway, being more or less chronically nauseous again is really a downer, and taking a toll on my mood, and I'm massively insomniac again, which also sucks.

Some work has been done on the next chapter of Forsaken and another chapter is almost ready for OWA.

25 June 2005 - So let's see. The current tally is at 2 for Friday and 5 for Saturday. What do those numbers mean? Why, me paying homage to the porcelain throne. WHY I have no idea, but I can assure you it wasn't pleasant.

I did manage most of a cup of tea earlier, so I may be able to hope this is over. Then again, I guess morning will tell, huh? The most I've been able to do is doze today—a half hour here, there, sometimes a little longer. And by heck, I can't type for the life of me. I feel like I just started using a keyboard.

11 June 2005 - You know, my latest thing is reading independant!Harry fics, but what is this obsession with pairing him off with Bellatrix in them?? I suppose that Earl of the North is fairly okay, but it still gives me the heebies.

Apparently, I'll just have to write my own.

I shall also reiterate my wish for to have checkboxes for search—perhaps an advanced form of search?—so you can check off "Slash" or "Independant" or whatever, or at least a set of keywords you can search on that are separate from the summary of the story.

Of course, this is useless bitching, since they've never responded to my emails, so I won't bother sending this request.

For that matter, I wish one could check a box on ANY story to make it stop appearing in searches. That way, I wouldn't keep browsing into the same stories I've already looked and discarded (remember now, I have a lousy memory) forty-two times. You know, like an Ignore?

And, does anyone else think they went a little overboard on their reorganization of the user area?

03 June 2005 - Yes, I finally got off my lazy tush and wrote up my review responses to bring them up to date.

In sadder news, my dog Jasper did not wake up from his nap two days ago and has since been buried under a tree on my parents' property. He lived a long life (especially for a dachshund), and a happy life. And yes, I cried when I got the news.

30 May 2005 - And for today's humor (courtesy of Aethen), check this out. Also, the strip itself.

30 May 2005 - I am very annoyed by these unexplained outages of late from That's one heck of a lot of server overloads. Of course, I'm annoyed more because I can't add stories to my alert list, nor can I upload chapter 22 of OWA. Obviously, with only 20 users at the forums, the people (at who have alerts set for me are not getting a watch email from here, ya?

I'll just have to keep trying.

30 May 2005 - Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... Naturally, I've been 29 for years now, but I've been told by several people that I look to be in my early to mid-twenties.

23 May 2005 - I strongly recommend the following two WIP stories by Marietsy: Lack of Faith and Flames of Betrayal.

Lack of Faith should have no pairing for Harry, which is just spiffy. Not so sure about the other one, but we'll see. Either way, I had a hell of a good time reading those two stories, and laughed, snorted, and chortled my way through a great deal of what I was reading. I can't wait to see how they progress.

It's reading stuff like that which makes me wonder why anyone bothers with me! Go check them out.

Edit: I take that back. I happen to adore these two stories, but I also see a lot I disagree with as time goes by. However, I'm not sure if I'll be moved to write up a post on that subject.

13 May 2005 - Well, obviously someone at our host realized that something was wrong before we had a chance to mention it. Some work has been done on the next chapter of OWA and also Forsaken.

I still haven't got anywhere with Friendship's Price at this time and am seriously considering just placing it on hiatus, or yanking it entirely until such time as I can find that muse again. I'd lose the reviews (well, at ff anyway), but it's rather unfair to just leave it there unfinished.

I dunno.

05 May 2005 - Oh, this was delightful! The Curse of Love by Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon.

05 May 2005 - I am utterly stunned that I've got two reviews for Choices recently. It's like winning the lottery.

05 May 2005 - Joy! Finally got my greedy paws on some of the music from Ghost in the Shell. I'm quite happily listening to stuff like Lithium Flower, Inner Universe, and The Doll House. However, I still haven't figured out which track is playing as background music a lot (from SAC, not the movies). Personally, I think The Doll House is frickin' creepy, but in a very good way.

02 May 2005 - I'm in a very, very bad mood. Is it because I'm turning 37 this month? I don't think so. Apparently, some of my more sadistic tendencies are surfacing and it's annoying people, which in turn annoys me. Such is life. It does not help that I've learned I get to work two nights this week, Friday & Saturday. I think Saturday is one of those stupid Triple Crown days, which is bad, but I think I don't go in until it's over, or close to. I can be grateful for that much—or, I would be if I wasn't in such a pissy mood.

My fingers ache, also. We've come upon a time when I have actually managed to refrain from gnawing my fingernails to the quick on a regular basis, and thus, I have actual nails that extend past the tips of my fingers, which also means I have to type somewhat differently. Using the shift key on the laptop is getting very vexing.

At least it's sunny today.

28 April 2005 - After watching the first four episodes of Escaflowne, I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to see more. Of course, that might have something to do with wanting to swoon over Alan...

24 April 2005 - If you feel like it, check out this poll regarding a question I had for readers on OWA.

20 April 2005 - Hermione is still being obstinate.

17 April 2005 - Sorry, but Hermione is being a bitch at the moment, so another attempt at the next chapter of Forsaken was cut short in order to amuse myself with hentai.

12 April 2005 - 10.50am - Holy mother of destruction. I do not fucking believe this. It's snowing! Why? Why!?

12 April 2005 - Sheesh. Just about had a heart attack a minute ago when my AV program stuck a pop-up in front of my face with it's happy little verbal warning about a naughty email. Naturally, I had it delete the sucker. Nice to know the program works, though, right?

It's just as startling when a pop-up appears with the spoken message, "The virus database has been updated!"

10 April 2005 - So I watched the revised ending. I still feel like I need Cliff Notes so I can understand exactly what happened, though I'm not surprised by what I saw. I do understand why people keep insisting on comparing Xenogears to NGE though, and I have to say I don't much agree with the compulsion.

Let's face it—you could actually understand the story for Xenogears, and it was much richer and more in depth. AND it came with a guide (though most of us needed a translator) if you wanted to spend the extra cash to explain the more esoteric bits, or just the nitty gritty details about the composition of Deus, etc.

In the end, I'm disappointed with NGE. It pains me to say that, but that's how I feel. I'm also disappointed in the final two discs. Death & Rebirth is like . . . over half of it is a melange of the first 24 episodes, which was a waste of my time, and the second part of it is duplicated on the final disc, The End of Evangelion.

Given that the end to the series was disappointing in the extreme, I would have been happier being confused if I could have seen Kaworu make the moves on Shinji. He struck me as a damn cool character for the whole five or ten minutes we got to really see him. Ah well.

That being said, I'm off to go watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1 & 2.

09 April 2005 - I've come to the conclusion that the later episodes of NGE are a total mind fuck. Is it bad to want to bitch slap the main character into next week for being such a weenie? I mean, geez. Right, anyway, off to view the two-part re-ending. <sigh>

09 April 2005 - I finally completed my Neon Genesis: Evangelion collection and have been perched in front of my computer all day watching from the beginning. I think I got the first few discs over two years ago, and only just now got collection discs 5-8? Sheesh. Now on 7, so those three episodes, plus disc 8, and the two final movies to go!

I gotta say, though, some of these episodes are just fucking whacked.

09 April 2005 - So, I'm browsing the listings at for FF8 and such, thinking to myself, can't you people be bothered to put in the summary if it's slash, and better yet, the pairing? It's not like we can frickin' search by selecting a pairing. Why so many damn oneshots?

It's getting quite tempting to start posting my own ideas for stories to see if anyone is willing to take up the challenge of writing them. Lord knows, I'd love to see something new for stuff like FF8, 7, 10, 10-2 and even Xeno games.

It's a good thing I'm highly resistent to barfing over seeing yet another horribly sappy or angsty Squinoa. Gah. That girl needs to be kicked right back into that sealing device and launched into space. I absolutely loathe Rinoa.

Strangely, I find that I don't mind the idea of a Shion/Wilhelm, or even Shion/chaos, though the idea of chaos/KOS-MOS makes my stomach turn.

I'm heartbroken that no one has yet done a hair mesh for Jin or Wilhelm, though one nice person did post a rather good skin for Shion. I'm not so sure about the face, but the clothing was definitely acceptable.

In progress on a new chapter of Angel, and one pending for Forsaken, with a second in progress. Another FF8 fic was started, though heaven only knows if I'll ever finish it.

As you might have guessed, my muse dropped by for a visit.

07 April 2005 - I am such a masochist, playing through most of chapter 1 in FF X-2, then stopping in to watch the movie spheres in Luca. <sniffle> Even though I always play for the best ending, still . . . it's emotionally painful to walk through those places again.

07 April 2005 - It's gonna be longer. My muse has been on vacation for a while now. It's not a lack of outlines, 'cos I got 'em. However, I did get some work done today on the current chapter of Forsaken.

20 March 2005 - You know, I just realized I haven't played with the cow plant yet. I really need to get one of those suckers on a lot and see which annoying townies I can feed to it.

20 March 2005 - What is with my sims? My current couple has had three girls, one boy. Sheesh! At least all of them are fairly attractive children. Maybe I can get a male out of a different couple. Then I can send a batch of five kids to university together.

I admit, I cheated outrageously when it came to one fellow's lifetime aspiration of whoohooing 20 different sims. Sure, he managed it . . . with the help of the relations adjuster portion of the InSIMinator, a hot tub, and in a couple of cases, a fitting booth.

Watching his expression in the hot tub every time—heh, I was ready to fall for him myself, and he's just pixels!

On the other hand, so many of the game-generated townies and students are uglier than sin. Gets quite tempting to use a cloning technique on the suckers to make them more attractive.

14 March 2005 - So all right, I got the University expansion for Sims 2 last night at around midnight. Now, like a good girl I backed up my entire ... (I won't bore you with the details.)

And voila! I didn't go to bed until noon today, having been intent on getting Caedryn through college. I'm only halfway through his junior year I think, but he's engaged to a rather sloppy young man named Ashley who's a semester behind. It, well, never mind. If you want to read about all that, go here.

12 March 2005 - Yes, it's snowing. Again. The picnic table out back is buried. We might find it again in a few weeks. On a side note, here's some cute little thumbnails of my Sims2 versions of Cloud and Sephiroth.


11 March 2005 - Now I know I'm crazy. I just had an image pop into my head of Dumbledore as a counterpart to Wilhelm from Xenosaga, complete with a wizarding version of the Compass of Order. Gah!

10 March 2005 - I am seriously fucking annoyed with Every time I turn around something else goes wonky. I am so tempted to upload a test page just to see what kind of separators they will allow at this point seeing as how everything else seems to disappear into ether the second you upload the chapter, then deleting the "story" afterward.

I do not like using horizontal rules for that purpose. Not one bit!

(Side note: the instrumental La Mer from Suikoden IV just grows on you, damn it. Like a fungus! And I didn't know you could get such . . . sound from a damn accordian!)

So, I completed the epilogue portion of Xenosaga II, minus the extra NA bosses. Gee, now all I have to do is play through the last dungeon another, uh, nineteen times? Why Captain Matthew's debt has to be so astronomical . . . sheesh. Sadists!

(Side note: those numbers next to some of the listings under Potentials denotes how many chapters I have sitting around for them so far. Though, I have to wonder how many hits I'd get for the FF one, Tempest.)

10 March 2005 - You know, every time the Dammerung comes to the rescue and I hear that music playing (Omega), I feel like cheering and screaming, "The cavalry! We're saved!" (Yes, this is a reference to Xenosaga.)

Yasunori Mitsuda is a musical god. Of course, Nobuo Uematsu is right up there too in the genius category.

03 March 2005 - Wow, it's March already. I can look forward to Spring now! Hit a major block with Friendship's Price so that'll probably take a while for the next chapter. Oh well. I'll have to give a great deal of thought.

28 February 2005 - Chapter 4 of FoM is done, but that's just a tease. I do think I'm going to have to name the journal entry pages something bizarrely random so that people can't just figure out how to read the next ahead of time.

24 February 2005 - I just edited chapter 1 of Fragments of Memories and found myself laughing quite a bit. Jeez, I hope my sense of humor isn't too alien for others. I know I'm cracked, trust me.

24 February 2005 - I'm trying something different. I'm not so much worried any more about word count or number of lines. I'm beginning to base length for a chapter on how many inches it appears as in Dreamweaver (Grazhir templates, that is). If it hits at least a certain length and I feel it's complete enough, I'll post it.

24 February 2005 - I take that back. I actually finished chapter 7 of Tempest, and I'm most of the way through chapter 16 of Friendship's Price.

24 February 2005 - Yahoo! We are now logging back into the domain, and since we were swift enough to export our Dreamweaver site settings prior to that, we were able to be back up and running with little fuss! Whoo! Go me!

Presently working on chapters for Forsaken, Friendship's Price, and One Winged Angel, along with Tempest (the FF XO I mentioned earlier).

I have completed Xenosaga II (and that was a blast), and am currently in the process of doing the epilogue stuff, though apparently my PS2 is about to shit the bed. I keep getting the infamous Disc Read Error. Cause for depression, but I suppose if it comes to it, I could borrow my dad's if I batted my lashes enough.

17 February 2005 - Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that Xenosaga II is currently in my greedy little hands, AND the bonus DVD of movies from Ep. I. Ha! Pre-ordering DOES occasionally make sense! (Of course, I already downloaded every single cutscene from over at Onegai Studios—took me a week.)

On a happier note—I've giggled my way through several hours of the game, which is rather nice. Someone obviously had a sense of humour. Of course, I think my husband might have become annoyed at me constantly squealing, "Go, Jin! Scar the bastard! Whoo!" (KOS-MOS looks very interesting in a swimsuit, by the way.)

I've dashed off some for Friendship's Price, and also Forsaken, and even some for One Winged Angel, so they are being worked on. I'm beginning to think that finishing up Crumbling Pedestal made my brain go pffft!

Of course, I've also written over a chapter for a Final Fantasy crossover (inclusive) that I won't bother to post anywhere until the silly thing is actually complete. My friend says he giggled his way through the six chapters I showed him, though he thinks it's not nearly as deep as what I've managed for Harry Potter.

15 February 2005 - Okay, so I went to look just now at the copy of Forsaken's chapter 13 at because one of y'all mentioned the punctuation. Sure enough, there's a ton of question marks missing and shit. Very strange, considering they appear on the copy here at Grazhir. I suppose I'll have to upload the chapter again and see if it corrects itself.

12 February 2005 - Blessed be. I finally completed a new chapter! Rejoice! (Hopefully it doesn't suck.)

11 February 2005 - It has snowed all yesterday, and even still snows! They predicted perhaps 6-10 inches. <glances out window and snorts loudly> Mmm. I am not pleased.

08 February 2005 - The current chapter of Forsaken is 2/3 complete, by the way.

03 February 2005 - I keep getting this wierd urge to change my penname to SlytherinSolution. Meh. Oh well.

03 February 2005 - For what it's worth, new chapters of both Forsaken and Friendship's Price are approximately 1/3 done each. I still haven't come up with a good Harry/Lucius idea, but I do have one for Harry/Salazar in mind, bizarre as it may be. I guess I'll just keeping adding them to my list and hope I get around to writing them at some point.

I'm beginning to think it would be better in the long run to not have WIP stories. You know, make sure I have the story(ies) complete before I start uploading chapters to any archives. Of course, that might mean huge delays in anything new, but I suppose that doesn't matter in the long run. I dunno. Merlin knows that some of the things on my Potentials list are half written, but foundering as I sit there and ponder where to actually take them.

I find it funny, though. I was checking some of the threads over at Fiction Alley, looking at the Help...Where can I find? and some others, and noticed that while certain people were very happy to mention stuff like Biology, Crumbling Pedestal, and Forsaken, I never seemed to notice anyone mentioning Induction when it came to HP/SS or Sev Slash (his POV). It makes me wonder if a lot of people out there are too disturbed by the story? Maybe it's just not to the tastes of people who frequent FA.

Oh well, I thought it was very nice that people do mention the others, even on livejournal fic recs lists and such. One person pointed out Biology and said that at first glance it looked like a ton of cliches, but that it turned out to be a good read regardless. Very nice.

I'm really frickin' annoyed, though, that has removed the option to export/archive one's reviews. It's all very well to be able to offload chapters posted, or shove them back for editing with QuickEdit, but man, I really liked being able to yank down the reviews so I could read one long page when I was feeling blue and not have to keep clicking next page or whatever.

31 January 2005 - Huh. So here I've been, while editing and whatnot, and trying to complete new chapters for my two WIPs, and I start thinking of writing a crossover with a game for poor Harry. It is such a trial at times to have Gemini traits, no? My mind is scattered all over the place. On a vaguely humorous note, a lady at work who constantly props herself up against the common cold has finally gone down with one this year and had to call out sick. Poor thing. Hopefully she will not be in as much misery as I have been over the past month.

On another note, everything seems to be coming out in either a French or Italian accent lately, and I have no idea why. Every time I read Crumbling Pedestal, Heru is definitely not speaking with a British accent, which comes across as quite strange when he says things like, "Bloody hell." I can feel my sanity slipping away (not that there was much there to begin with).

I also managed to come up $40 short this evening while counting my drawer, only to find out when it was verified by the night manager that I had counted my twenties as tens. Four of them does not make $40, it makes $80. I told her I must have left my brain at home. Still, better to come across as a complete airhead than to have to make up the shortage, right?

26 January 2005 - The Village was an all right movie, but Alien vs. Predator was a blast!

25 January 2005 - Well, it's been a blast being sick as a dog for the past three-four weeks with the flu and a nasty, lingering cold.