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27 December 2004 - It may be a few days—I was lucky enough to get four games for Christmas, and I've been playing Sims 2. . . . Mmm, got me two hunky fellas married off.

20 December 2004 - It's bad enough it snowed overnight and into the morning. The plows merrily chugged along, pushing snow hither and yon, and the sun decided to appear. Now it's snowing again. Eeeeeee!

20 December 2004 - It's snowing again. <snarl>

19 December 2004 - I simply don't have any interest in working on Forsaken at the moment, so it's going to be a while before you see more chapters for it. Sorry. I can only say that part of the problem is the pairing (I'm just not a huge fan of Draco) and also that I've already revealed how I intend for Brand to get Dumbledore. <shrug>

17 December 2004 - Did my Christmas shopping today. Glad that's out of the way! Also put down deposits on both Xenosaga II and Suikoden IV. I guess Wild Arms: Alter Code F won't be coming out 'til near the end of February, I guess, which sucks.

14 December 2004 - Do you want to know why I write? Because I can't find enough good fanfiction out there to satisfy my voracious appetite for reading.

14 December 2004 - I know, a bunch of you out there are cursing my name right now for introducing another story so quickly. Just wait, another one is almost ready for chapter 1 to be uploaded! (But I'm sure you figured that out due to the notice above, huh?) On a side note, I realized earlier today that I missed the annual Christmas party at my uncle's.

13 December 2004 - Alternates will show up in the listbox for Crumbling Pedestal, by the way, here at Grazhir.

10 December 2004 - Okay, who said it was kosher to change the release date of Suikoden IV? Huh!? Those bastards!

07 December 2004 - So, I got to leave work early, which is nice, but since there's snow/ice/rain out there, that's not so nice. Drove home at 20mph. Meh.

07 December 2004 - I really, really, really hate when people post stories and do not put the summary at the top of the first chapter. I tend to open several stories at a time (if they look interesting) so by the time I go back to actually read them, I have no idea what they're about.

04 December 2004 - It's snowing again. How very rude. Tips sucked, and I got called "kiddo" by one of the guys betting.

04 December 2004 - Have I already said this? girl!Harry squicks me out so bad I can't even begin to describe it. I notice them occasionally at and literally shudder at the idea.

03 December 2004 - And it's still snowing!!!!

03 December 2004 - I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I got up to make a cup of tea and realized it's snowing out.

01 December 2004 - I still haven't come up with a decent idea for Harry/Lucius. I still haven't watched my dvd copy of PoA either.

29 November 2004 - I despair of ever coming up with a good, plausible Harry/Lucius idea.

29 November 2004 - Today's rant.

29 November 2004 - So here I am, 1/3 of the way through chapter 38 of Crumbling Pedestal, and what am I doing? Re-reading reviews for my stories to boost my mood. I think I'm depressed—it really looks like CP won't be all that much longer, I hate to say. If it makes it to 40, I'll be gratified, but a little shocked.

On the other hand, it will end up meaning that I can try and finish the WIP chapters for Forsaken and Friendship's Price, and I know some of you will be happy about that.

Sitting in my local copy of Grazhir are chapters for two new stories, but I got a bit whacked over one of them, thinking that I should change directions almost at once. I dunno. We'll see, I guess. I spent some of my time at work last night making notes for various stories I'd like to write, and wracking my brains for more "Slytherin Solutions."

28 November 2004 - A massive heart attack in the making reared its ugly head when my husband updated the firmware for our router and it flat out stopped working. Sure, it made a nice hub, but no internet connection? I daresay I was slightly put out. But all was saved, thankfully (no thanks to the manufacturers who suggested stupid things like visiting their website, or had support hours only during the week from 9-5).

27 November 2004 - I'm beginning to think I should try re-ripping all the songs off my playlist to standardize the volume.

27 November 2004 - I've come to the realization that when it comes to defeating Voldemort I prefer a Slytherin solution over a Gryffindor one.

25 November 2004 - Thanksgiving went pretty well. It was even better to find out that my mother picked up six cannoli for me!

24 November 2004 - So much for sleep. I think I managed a whole four hours before I woke up with a very sour stomach. And, horror of horrors, I got a copy of PoA today for my DVD collection. Maybe this time I shall be able to watch it without screaming, "Who the fuck decided Hermione was the star of the god damn movie!?!?!?"

24 November 2004 - This is almost depressing. Looking over my outline for Crumbling Pedestal has me thinking I may only get a couple more chapters out of it.

And why the hell can't have a SLASH category we can search on? I'm so sick to death of scrolling pages looking for something interesting to read and finding a nauseating plethora of Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione or (god help us), Harry/Cho. I swear. . . . For that matter, why can't we have a really nifty little search dealie that allows you to check off slash, betrayal, and any other number of interesting little options?

22 November 2004 - I think I may have finally figured out why this site looked like shit in IE, and I think I've fixed it.

22 November 2004 - I've been experimenting with something, and in consequence, have downloaded several handwritten-type fonts for a project, a particular story that I wanted to do something a little different with. So, if people are paying attention, they're going to want to wander on over to here and download a font called Another. At some point, this will come in handy.

22 November 2004 - In an unpredented move, I began work on a new WIP fic, but until I have a hefty number of chapters ready to be posted, I won't bother mentioning which one from the list it is. (This is in part a response to my brain having congealed when it comes to other currently WIP stories, though I am somewhere in the middle of chapter 36 for Crumbling Pedestal.) It's actually been difficult to get used to be able to sit at my computer (as opposed to the laptop) and write, so I think I'm better off spending some of my time on things that are newer and fresher, which should help to get my brain moving again.

20 November 2004 - I updated the music page of my profile the other day to reflect my actual play list. A minor thing, but possibly of interest to some people.

19 November 2004 - I have discovered a new perversion in my cat, Shadow. I already knew he liked to lick plastic, but apparently he likes to lick tissue paper as well—you know, the kind you use for gift wrapping? Sheesh.

17 November 2004 - There is a disgusting lack of quality slash out there for Xenogears and Xenosaga, and what's available for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and X-2 isn't much better. <sigh> How depressing. Every time I go look I end up disappointed.

17 November 2004 - Wow, I actually made more than 50¢ today in tips!

16 November 2004 - I was pleased to note that several days ago the official website for Xenosaga II was announced. Now if they'd just release the damn game!

14 November 2004 - I find myself missing the rather sweet and uncomplicated methods I used in stories like Choices and ISG. Those two aren't horribly deep or dramatic, but they do hold a certain elusive quality that I think my more ambitious stories lack. I wrote them a year ago, and I still like to read them every so often to remind myself that complicated plots aren't necessary for a good time. I don't know . . . it makes me want to try something in first person again.

14 November 2004 - I'm getting rather antsy today. I'm not getting anywhere at all with my current crop of WIP fics and keep drifting over to my outline for Fragments instead. Folks would probably shoot me if I added another fic to the WIP list though.

I feel pretty darn slow today, in any case, and I'm struggling to re-complete chapter 30 of Crumbling Pedestal so that I can move on to finishing chapter 31 and think about 32.

There are two chapters of Friendship's Price in beta, but I have no idea when those will be coming back. There's a third chapter in progress, but my mind kept wandering at that point, so I chucked it back in its folder and shoved it out of sight.

Forsaken is barely into the next chapter, though I have a fairly good idea of what I'll be covering. It struck me recently that I still have the majority of August to play with if I want.

14 November 2004 - I can say I'm feeling happier—I have my template files back in my grasping little hands.

13 November 2004 - Well, one can always hope. I won't say what we're hoping about, but. . . .

05 November 2004 - Induction is now complete.

27 October 2004 - Crumbling Pedestal, Forsaken, Induction and Friendship's Price should be up to date here at Grazhir now. Mind you, I am using my husband's machine, and did it all in more or less on shot, so I might have made mistakes.

25 October 2004 - No, I don't have a working computer of my own yet. My poor, long-suffering husband has more or less been kicked off his for the time being. For today, I'm updating the Review Reponses pages. Later I'll get around to updating each fic with the chapters I've already posted to And, if I managed to leave anyone out, I'm sorry, but having lost my inbox several times now...I've printed every review out that I've received since the last time it happened so I could deal with them later (now).

05 October 2004 - Shocking how many chapters can be written when one is in the mood. For those anxiously awaiting chapters for Induction, here's No. 12. I've got several questions to answer for myself before I'm entirely sure of the direction of the next few chapters, so I'm not sure how long 13 will take.

And I've stopped shuffling the order of the Updates box. Too much trouble. So it'll just list the most current chapter for a particular fic.

27 September 2004 - Huh. Star Ocean 3 isn't such a bad game, though the major plot twist is twisted for sure. Biology was accepted at Fiction Alley's Schnoogle. And I'm finally catching up on my review responses. Oh, and a new chapter is up.

02 September 2004 - Where does the time go?

25 August 2004 - I'm becoming increasingly pissed off at and their changes. I don't think any more needs to be said on that subject.

A slightly modified version of Infinite Shades of Grey was accepted at the Astronomy Tower section at Fiction Alley, which is kind of nice. They're pretty picky about what goes up there, after all. I'm waiting to see if the first chapter of Biology is accepted for Schnoogle.

14 August 2004 - Heh, okay. The motherboard is dead, and the memory sticks are dead. We tried swapping my memory to the other machine and it would no longer boot (same beep code as mine), so we tried the other machine's memory in mine and it still threw off the same error.

That says to me that both are dead in the water. Shit the bed, bought the farm, however you want to phrase it. So, now I'm looking at new everythings, basically. If anyone feels like donating to the cause, I won't say no. Paypal is always good - let me know (not that I really expect anyone reads this stuff).

13 August 2004 - Well, my motherboard died, which means updating just got more difficult. Perhaps I wouldn't mind so much, except that it means all my templates are sitting on a hard drive I can't get to without opening the case, again, and yanking the drive, then opening another case, and hooking it up as a slave, blah blah blah.

Anyway, it'll just make things a bit more difficult. Especially since most of my original files (i.e. planned chapters) are on that same drive. Well, I'll do the best I can.

07 August 2004 — I've become seriously annoyed now. no longer allows the use of BlockQuote apparently, never mind non-breaking spaces. It was bad enough when things like ~ started getting stripped (and I see a lot of people now using stuff like qpqpqpqpqp as separators now), but this is getting downright silly.

The next thing I expect to happen is that use of bold and italic is disallowed. The changes they're making are supposed to be good? The last email I sent to was ignored, and it wasn't even a complaint - it was a question. I won't even bother to send a complaint, as I'm sure that will be ignored as well. I must say though, they're being downright obtuse of late.

04 August 2004 — I'm rather annoyed. I got as far as being promoted twice playing the little "Let's make a disgusting creature" game over at RE: A in the lab, and having found two of the specials that can appear on a critter, when my machine rebooted itself for no good reason.

Now I'll have to do it all over again, probably on a different machine. Thank goodness I kept notes. Spreadsheets are awful handy at times.

Either way, the preview for Resident Evil: Apocalypse looks massively awesome. I loved the first movie, and this looks even better. I think I'll actually pay to see it in the theatre rather than waiting for it to come out on dvd.

01 August 2004 — Well, as you can see, the site's been updated again. I never was much of a beige person, but it worked at the time. But now, instead, being the masochist that I am, I went ahead and redid the whole friggin thing. Besides, it looked like utter crap in IE for some reason. Funny how it was never a problem in the past.

Anyway, there's two new links up yonder—Forums and Archives. Forums is just that, mainly for the purpose of providing an alternate way for people who aren't registered at to get email alerts for updates (assuming they register here and "watch" the appropriate topics), and also for reviewing (if people don't want to do it at for some reason, or want to get very explicit, which you can't do there).

Archives is just a boring old list of everything I've said here before.

If you see something totally whacky on the site (like...I totally fucked up with one of the template updates and some pages still display the old scheme even after a hard refresh) then hop on over to the forums and drop me a PM or email me, whatever. I suppose you could IM me, but I'm not always on. I had to refresh a number of pages (presumably my cache is being a pest).

22 July 2004 — Holy snikes! Right - I've rebuilt my machine 3-4 times in almost as many days, so I'm really behind on everything lately. Hopefully it'll be more stable from now on (though I shan't hold my breath), not to mention the power supply for the laptop finally arrived today, so I once again have a backup machine to use.

19 July 2004To whom it may concern, sorry for delays on new chapters. I finally hit a point in time where there wasn't any flow, so I've been playing games instead, and jotting things down when they hit me.

02 July 2004 — Since I found it unpalatable to archive/mirror my fanfiction on an established site, I decided to do so here instead. Frankly, I can't stand the way most of them work (the scripting they use) or the way they look. The other reason, of course, is so that I can repost fics with updated scenes. You know what I'm talking about.