Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Penance


Note: I wrote this back in the day...back when I was only early into playing DragonRealms. Since it deals with characters within that game (mine or those of friends), I don't expect anyone to necessarily understand this too well. And, it's unedited from that time, so who knows what errors are lurking within.

Tzigane looked up thoughtfully, then removed her mask and handguards, placing them in her backpack. Focusing her mind, she extended her claws and began the thrilling task of scaling the outer wall of the House, reaching her window after a few minutes. Balancing herself with agile ease on the narrow ledge outside the window, she carefully disarmed the trap she had set and picked open the lock of the window, then opened it and slipped inside, resetting the lock and trap once inside.

She prowled around the room restlessly, feeling empty somehow, like a part of her was missing, when a faint, familiar scent wafted to her nose from the closed door. Sniffing the air, she slinked over to the door and noiselessly released the lock and swung the door open, smiling at Talenhart and gently pulling him inside, before closing and locking the door.

Drawing Talenhart to her, she bit his neck with mock savagery then drew him backward until her knees brushed against the black leather couch against the far wall. Sitting down, she looked up at him, and said, "My love, I have done pennance for my uncharitable thoughts."

A smirk slowly drew the corners of the dark knight's lips upward, and he cocked his head ferally.  He pondered silently as he began the task of removing the massive black set of plate armor that adorned his figure. He wondered exactly what 'uncharitable thoughts' she was referring to as the chest plate fell away, revealing a soft linen shirt that he quickly removed as well. The pale moonlight slipped through the window in the room, bathing his skin and highlighting the extensive network of self-inflicted scars that worked over his stomach and chest.

Tzigane purred as her hand lifted up to trace the myriad of old wounds. As he set the last remaing piece of armor to the side, he smiled and looked down at her, his haunting grey eyes flecked with amusement. He spoke, in the oddly discomforting calm that always punctuated his speech, almost as if hiding the savagery within his soul...

"Uncharitable thoughts, my lady? You have so many.. " He said, a grin spreading across his face.. "Which ones in particular?"

Tzigane smiled ruefully saying, "Why, about those who would say that all Thieves are evil. I know that not everyone has eyes to see with, or hearts to open to others, and nothing I say or do can change all of that. So I went to the Paladin's Guild earlier and found a Novice who was sorely in need of help. He asked several times of his fellow Guildmembers and his pleas were ignored. So I held his hand and led him from the Guild. He asked where we were bound, and I told him the bank."

Talenhart listened with interest, a quiet smile on his face as his hands reached down to stroke his pussycat's raven black hair.  Silently, he thought how lucky he was to have captured this one's heart.. His stony grey eyes stared into her playful luminescent green orbs. She shivered slightly as his hands stroked through her hair.

Tzigane leaned back and continued, "He nodded his head and continued to walk with me, and when we reached the bank, I withdrew and gave to him 1 platinum kronar, whereupon he fell over in shock. I asked only one thing of him in return for this boon I granted him - to not look unkindly on all Thieves, and to remember that we are not all as evil as people would paint us to be. He seemed very grateful, and promised to remember this and what was done for him, so I left him with a wave and felt happier for the deed."

Tzigane stopped for a moment to ponder thoughtfully then said quietly, "I can only hope that some other thief, be it of my Guild or some other, does not wrest that coin too quickly from his hand, or if such a thing does happen in his travels, that he will remember one who did help him freely."

Tzigane looked hesitently at Talenhart, and asked very softly, "Have I done well, my love?"

The tall elven knight pondered for a moment, his head cocked to the side as he thought. He looked down at his lady, her eyes turned up to him looking for an answer. A smile slowly worked it's way onto his face, and he nodded, his long black hair falling forward past his shoulder.

"Aye, lady.. you have done very well. I'm quite proud..." and with that she beamed at him, a deep purr rumbling within her delicate throat. His fingers once again tangled in her silken hair, and he stroked it gently. Tzigane let out a soft mew, and purred more loudly.. She leaned forward and let her lips brush against his stomach, above his navel where a particularly livid scar stood out in white. A gasp met his lips, and both of their conscious minds began to slip away as the night, and only feeling began to overwhelm them...