Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Encounter


Note: I wrote this back in the day...back when I was only early into playing DragonRealms. Since it deals with characters within that game (mine or those of friends), I don't expect anyone to necessarily understand this too well. And, it's unedited from that time, so who knows what errors are lurking within.

He ghosted along the rooftops, silent in the still night, and cold as death itself. His travels took him to the roof of the Golden Phoenix Inn, where he quietly slipped over the edge, landing with barely a whisper of sound. Adjusting his night-black cloak, he casually strolled to the entrance, and through, stepping lightly up the stairs and down the hall to the room he had rented. He listened intently for the girl before reaching out to open the door, not hearing anything, not even the sound of the air that would rise and fall in her chest. His brow furrowed as the door opened. The girl's scent was barely a trace, as if she had been gone for some time.

He panicked slightly, wondering how the compulsions he had set upon her had been circumvented, and why she was gone from his grasp. Concentrating hard, he searched with his mind for some trace of her, sensing only a far away echo. The medallion he had placed around her neck was like a tiny beacon in his mind, pulsing faintly off to the north. Frowning, but relieved that that compulsion had withstood tampering, he inhaled deeply, and turned to leave the room.

He walked swiftly toward the north gate of town, intent on following the girl north. Passing by the the jewelry store, he stepped to one side as an elven lady slinked out and past him, heading south, then stopped, and whirled around, nostrils flaring. He slipped into the shadows, stalking the lady to the temple of darkness, following her as she moved deeper in toward the bloodstained rooms of the dark gods. She had the scent on her of the male garou, faint but noticible to one with his superior sense of smell. She also held the scent of cat around her, and moved with feline grace toward a darkened stone archway, intent only on her destination.

He could toy with this one, the garou's mate, and bend her to his will. He mused to himself that having one female the garou wanted, and taking the other away from him would be more than amusing, and might serve to draw them all to him, to be his. Smiling to himself at the thought he moved closer to her, sliding up behind her, and reaching one hand up to wrap around her jaw, the other to wrap around her chest. A low gasp escaped from her lips at his touch, like ice against her skin, and he pulled, drawing her head to one side to expose her pale throat. The sight of the fluttering veins along her neck, and the heat rising from her skin was almost unbearable, and his head involuntarily dipped to brush his lips against her flesh.

Nipping gently at her neck, he felt her tremble, her muscles tightening beneath him, her body tensing, her mind obviously racing to think of some way to escape. The scent of garou was strong on her now, so close was his face to her flesh, his nostrils flaring once again at the combined scent of wolf, cat and blood. After licking her neck, he lifted his face and started to murmer in her delicately pointed ear - words of power and guile, words that would serve to muddle her mind.

He felt her body start to go limp in his arms, and relaxed his grip, turning her around so that he could stare into her eyes, holding her tightly with his gaze alone, his hands restly lightly at her waist. Drinking in her face, he smiled gently at her, no trace of the cold hearted core of his being shown. One hand reached up to trace a delicate pattern down her cheek, the slipped into his cloak to reappear with a small black feather, which he attached to the black gryphon choker she wore, blending it effortlessly with the ones already there.

He strove to reach into her mind, searching her memories, to find out more about her and her mate, and to implant a few directives in her pretty little head to do his bidding on a few matters, namely that of finding and watching the girl. He thought for a moment of her blood, rich and sweet with life, then glanced at the burning hot brazier just behind her. Slowly he pushed her back and to the side of the brazier then released her and stepped back. Silently he indicated the burning metal and directed the full force of his gaze at her.

Slowly, as if in some dream, she extended her hand over the brazier, wrist coming to a rest just above it, then dropping. The smell of burning flesh filled his nose, her skin searing until the blood flowed freely from her veins. No sense of pain crossed her face as she withdrew her hand and stretched it out to him, palm up, in a submissive and imploring manner.

Chuckling softly to himself, he took hold of her forearm and hand, raising her wrist to his face. His tongue slipped from his mouth to lick first at the faintly metallic fluid, then wrapped his mouth around the freely flowing wound and sucked, teeth sinking into her skin to hold her steady along with the grip of his hands. Swooning with pleasure, he drank of her, listening to the sound of her steadily beating heart, the blood flowing down his throat in rivulets of ecstacy.

Hearing her heartbeat begin to slow just barely, he withdrew his teeth and licked at the wound, watching the flesh begin to heal before his eyes until only a faint set of scars were left in sight. He released her and stepped back, watching her sway before steadying herself, her eyes slightly glazed over. Slowly, awareness returned to those crystaline green eyes, reminiscent of those one would find on a black cat. Staring at him steadily, she made no movement. Her eyes narrowed at him, and she stepped back, then gracefully slipped to one side and past him, casting a glance back over her shoulder, her mouth contorted in a snarl. Pausing briefly, she breathed in deeply, then vanished from his sight.

He knew he would not find her, but could trace her whereabouts by the feather he had carefully attached to her choker. He walked through the arch and left the temple, to continue his journey north, satisfied with what he had wrought for the moment.