Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Wooing

The Wooing

Note: I got my boss at the time hooked on DR, and she was playing a Barbarian. This came about after some Cleric fellow started courting her up Riverhaven way, in the swamps outside town.

A cleric, passing fair in looks
Was hunting out one day
Into the swamps his path did take
To seek what fate he may

Battle fever raging high
Descended o'er his heart
To sweep the scourge of trolls away
He . . . made a real good start

His heart of late had been abused
Downtrodden in the mud
As people may be wont to do
Extracting pain in blood

However these were not his thoughts
As battle he did make
Of broken trolls and breathless sluaghs
Now these two did relate

By chance perhaps he came upon
A female nondescript
Covered in bloody gore from trolls
And from her hair it dripped

His smile was tentative indeed
When asking for her name
He merely stopped to see if she
Needed help to tease her game

She shook her head and spoke out nay
She was not overwhelmed
But if he'd care to stay and help
She'd share the spot she held

Barbaric ladies can be sweet
It seemed that this one was
But can one every really tell
The thought did give him pause

But seeing nothing much amiss
He stayed to hunt and fight
Though I confess, he told me so
The gore hardly seemed nice

In any case, the hunt went on
The two spoke long to each
Something sparked within them both
Something just out of reach

Mind you now, his heart was sore
He was not quick to fall
She as well moved cautiously
While still having a ball

Weary both, they parted well
Each heart with a lift
And when they recommenced the hunt
She brought to him some gifts

I could not possibly reveal
The nature of these things
But I will tell you this much though
They brought to him a sting

Oh please, a sting, but not of pain
This pinprick to his heart
Her flirting ways did flatter him
I suppose this was a start

No more pestering to hear
I know not where this goes
This story has not ended yet
Are these two in love's throes

Perhaps at some far distant date
I can relate the tale
Of burgeoning love, or maybe not
This romance may yet fail

But as it stands they are amused
They see each other's charms
Alas, maybe this will make right
Previously done harm

And so it ends, this tale I mean
But not the lives it shows
Of her I really could not say
But him—his feelings grow

One last thought, a few more words
Though empty they may seem
At least they are alive and well
Not living in their dreams