Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Keep

The Keep

Note: Believe it or not, this was an actual date one of my characters went on, with a ... cleric? ... named Johnathani, at the Keep in Theren.

Deep into the stony keep the couple ventured forth
To seek whatever treasures might be found within its walls
And to the ledge they hastened as the moon began to rise
Glancing over shoulders one last moment at the falls

Into the darkened, shadowed hole the couple climbed down
The cobwebs brushing up against their faces and their hair
Chittering and flurried movements teased their eyes and ears
Gathering their courage they stepped down into the lair

Darkness held the flickering light to shadows gusting broad
Against the dusty walls of quarried stone under the ground
Nodding to each other they proceeded down the hall
And they moved in silence to the corner and around

And to their eyes came forth a monster of exceeding size
With eight legs and a vicious face of deepest night black
Weapons rang as they flew out from within their confines
And the couple hastened forward to press their attack

One to the side, the other front, they approached the spider
Weapons readied, parry stance, they closed upon its form
The twisting light decieved their eyes but not their inborn senses
And they began to dance around like the motions of a storm

The chittering progressed in volume as the hits rained down
A leg was severed, then a second, the beast began to cry
In pain and fear it looked to find what escape it might
The couple danced around it in their tribute to the sky

Another leg, and then the head, severing it from life
The spider fell against the floor breaking all its legs
And though this foe was hardly what one might call hard
The couple knew that spiders made a decent meal with eggs

Carefully they skinned the beast and gathered up the meat
And ventured further down along the dusty, shadowed halls
Finally they came upon a door decayed and slanting
Hearing from a distance skittering and frenzied calls

Through the door, and then a crawl into a low walled tunnel
The couple brought along with them their well won prize of meat
Through a crack they wriggled and then stood among the guards
They dusted themselves down until they once again were neat

Up the stairs and to the right to find another staircase
And then another bringing them nearly to the heights inside
Just several paces to the north was the goal they sought for
And out came lockpicks so they could pick the doorway side by side

Finally, the lock gave forth, and then the door was opened
They waited for the click that meant safe passage for them both
Through the door and up they went and through the ceiling hatch
To stand upon the tower's top and stare down at the moat

Equipment magically appeared from backpacks and their satchels
A brazier was placed upon the floor and charcoal lit within
The spider was diced and eggs were scrambled all into a pan
The couple settled back and waited, faces lit with grins

The smell of cooking food was all they needed to lean forward
They broke out plates and forks and laid a picnic for each other
A spatula appeared in hand to fill the plates with bounty
And as they ate the sun arose, they snuggled as if lovers

The couple sought and they have found the treasure they were after
While within the stony keep and once again the tower
And as they packed away the things they'd brought to make their picnic
The dawning sky grew dim, but not the feelings that had flowered.

So know ye now, that not all treasure sparkles, not all gleams
Treasures sought of gold and gems are not all they appear
And if your heart should find itself spellbound by another
Then seek the answers in the sky—for you all will come clear