Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Longing


Note: My Thief, Tzigane, was madly in love with a fellow Thief, Kainan, for quite a long time. However, it wasn't smooth sailing from the get-go, as this little offering details. I can't remember why they separated and she went to Riverhaven (and then on to Theren), but everything was mostly all right in the end.

I do remember that Tzigane spent a lot of time in the company of yet another Thief, Kraelyst, during that period, and developed a teensy crush on him.

I'm not sure what it is about you
Nor why you make me feel as I do
Does it have to make sense?
I haven't looked too deeply, love
I only know my heart is true

One glancing look at you had me lost
Not thinking even of the cost
Of the troubles it would cause
All too soon I saw the perils
The winter of my heart in frost

I ran away to a far-lying town
Dirty and smelly, everything brown
And I wished I were with you
Depressed and alone I wandered
My beating heart the only sound

What did we do to be in love?
Hearts that fit like hand in glove
Souls entwined since time began
Desire's flames unendingly fanned

It seemed forever I was alone
Practicing skills all on my own
And I wondered why I tried
Longing for what I could not have
The pain of reaping seeds I'd sown

I sat there picking the door's lock
An automaton with mental block
Was this really my life?
No thoughts passed from mind to mouth
My soul inside to you in hock

And then you came and smiled at me
And for a moment my eyes could see
Were you even truly there?
But then you frowned at me and left
With angry words—how could this be?

How did we come to be in love?
Was there some God laughing above?
Souls entwined since time began
Desire's flames unendingly fanned

Bereft and lost again I wept
My heart for you so long I'd kept
Didn't you even love me?
Now in despair I sought the dark
My bleeding heart completely reft

Months passed by but I still knew
My life was empty if not with you
And I needed your embrace
Even though we'd parted how we had
So I returned to where I'd been new

Climbing the ladder was so difficult
And not because of the newbie cult
Them I did not even see
The only thing I saw was you
My eyes and heart did then exault

Is it so wrong to be in love?
In spite of the God laughing above?
Souls entwined since time began
Desire's flames unendingly fanned

Your head flew up and eyes locked on
Unerringly to me through the bond
I felt it thrill within me
The line attaching each to each
In part what love was based upon

Again you smiled, this time to stay
Upon your lips, doubt kept at bay
I longed to feel your touch
Drawing near I sat beside you
I tried so hard to not be afraid

Confusion set in as each other we touched
And also delight as together we laughed
Do I dare believe in this?
I wanted so much for this to be real
To be more than just what I'd dreamed

Why is it so hard to be in love?
Sometimes . . . it takes a slight shove
Souls entwined since time began
Desire's flames unendingly fanned

I wished, I hoped and prayed for this
Is being together unsanctioned bliss?
Are we wrong to feel this way?
What will happen to us, my love?
Will we receive what we so wish?

Or will it never come to pass. . . ?