Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Unfortunate Ones

The Unfortunate Ones

Note: Valgograd was a Ranger who liked to bug people, steal from them, and pick fights. I recall, hazily, an encounter with this fella on the ferry to Riverhaven as my Thief, Tzigane. I think it was the only real PvP encounter I had.

He's the very model of a ranger brave and strong
Skulking low he walks the realms each day
He tracks the souls (or even stalks)
Of those that cannot shake him off
Oh, these unfortunates Valgograd would slay

He's the very model of nobility and faith
Snickering at all who would appeal
He makes his move, in slips his hand
The pockets of any who walk the lands
From these unfortunates Valgograd would steal

He lives for fights most every night
To prove to all his superior might
Mocking words and stance most brave
He wants to send you to your grave

He's the very model of charming wit and grace
He angers everyone who stands nearby
He hates your life, would take it soon
Just one excuse provides his boon
These unfortunates, says Valgograd, will die

He's the very model of honesty and truth
Spinning lies like spiders making webs
He draws you in, his smile so fake
He's utterly a heartless rake
Its these unfortunates Valgograd sees dead

He lives for fights because he might
Show who's inside each passing night
Inside he hates all folks that live
He'd love for you your life to give

He's the very model of a snake that hides in grass
His tongue so sharp tis like a rusty axe
His bovine charms, his limpid eyes
He's everything you should despise
Its you, unfortunate one, Valgograd attacks

He's the very model of a bumbling novice thief
He lacks finesse and most of all the skill
His cloddish moves, his clumsy ways
His hands could search you o'er for days
Look, poor unfortunate Valgograd can't steal

So Valgograd we are not blind
We cannot say we do not mind
You know your actions to be wrong
Tis why I paused to share this song