Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Veiled Transparency

Veiled Transparency

Note: No backstory. I guess I just felt like writing it. . . ?

Rierdan gazed up at the dawning sky
Wondering why so much had gone wrong
What evil thing had he done to deserve this
His good reputation was now totally gone

The song of his life was in turmoil
Now viewed as the town’s laughingstock
Most of those he'd been friends with
Wanted his head laid out on the block

Some time ago he’d been gifted
With a magnificent ironwood lyre
The gypsy that had gifted it to him
Promised to him it would sound like fire

The gypsy also handed to him
A pristine stretched-hide set of drums
“They're very special,” she told him
As he held them he felt them thrum

With every thought be careful
And think on what you do
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Rierdan rubbed his instruments
With tender loving care so sweet
He put the mandolin away
And on his drums he tapped a beat

A powerful rumble ran through him
A thrilling blend of movement and sound
His thoughts grew dim and clouded
His mind and actions completely bound

Playing still he started to move
Snuffling the people nearby to him
Hooting loudly he made quite a fuss
Apparently suddenly quite dim

Rierdan lost track of all time
Playing the drums like a madman
His body no longer his own to control
Bound by the spell he could not ban

With every action think wisely
Be careful in what you do
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Exhausted finally Rierdan slumped
His hands falling free of the drums
Sliding down to rest on the floor
His body no longer felt the thrum

Some time later Rierdan woke up
The drums fallen, resting by his side
Carefully picking them up he looked
Appraisingly at them, his eyes wide

With shock he noticed an elven rune
Branded into the drums at the edge
Trembling he put them away in his case
Figuring that he his bets would hedge

Rierdan thought and thought some more
Not understanding what he’d been through
His body drained, his mind a mess
He felt like a baby now born anew

With everything you do be wise
Deserve the trust placed in you
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Standing carefully Rierdan rose
And staggered home to his wife and bed
Placing his new instruments on a shelf
He snuggled close to the one he'd just wed

“Play me a song, love,” pleaded his wife
Rierdan trembled inside at the thought
But taking the ironwood mandolin down
He showed his wife what he had brought

She smiled at him and settled herself
Ready to listen to what he would play
Her eyes aglow with love and affection
Rierdan thought, “Ah well, come what may.”

He slid his pick upon his finger and
Settled himself to strum a slow tune
Composing himself he started a tune
And felt coming down a mantle of doom

With every song you play take care
Make your instrument ring true
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

He swore he could hear faint whispers
Echoing into his mind like a song
Telling him things he did not want to hear
Speaking to him of things he thought wrong

His mind overwhelmed he shuddered in vain
He glanced at his wife, he smiled at her
Nodding in time to the words in his head
Unable to prevent the wrath he’d incur

A lustful grin crossed over his face
He whistled and leered at his wife
Inside he screamed at his lack of control
He started to be afraid for his life

The mandolin was as cursed as the drums
His wife stared in shock at Rierdan
It ran through her mind in circles unending
The thought of, “I married this man?”

With everything you touch think first
Appraise it through and through
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Rierdan was frantic, unable to stop
He smirked at his wife like some sleeze
The power that held him in thrall to itself
Had no intention at all to please

His wife shuddered inside and flinched away
Unable to fathom the change in this man
Who’d swept her off of her feet like a knight
Who now she is not sure she can stand

She look at him closely and noticed his eyes
They pleaded with her to release him
Not understanding but nodding her head
She hit his head with her rolling pin

Rierdan fell with a crash to the floor
Cradling the ironwood mandolin from harm
Even though he was playing no longer
He saved it from breaking, the work of the charm

With everything you play think twice
Make sure that clear eyed is your view
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Taking the mandolin from his weak hands
His wife put it gingerly on the shelf
She rushed to his side and cradled his head
Worried inside for her love’s mental health

“Sweetheart,” she cried. “We must seek help!
Its magic will flay your soul to the bone.
That mandolin there is some demon's work.
Its cursed and alive, you must leave it alone.”

He motioned assent to his sweet wife's pleas
And struggled to rise to his feet, unsteady
He asked her to please hold the instruments
He did not want that person again to be

Taking her hand he went in search of a bard
Wiser than he in the knowledge of old lore
At last the long search found a lady wise
He got to his knees and begged, implored

With everyone you seek help of
Rest assured they have their own view
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

The Lady took pity on his pleading face
And smiled at the two who came in need
With careful hands she took the instruments
Chuckling inside at Rierdan’s deeds

Setting down the mandolin she held the drums
She focused on them and felt the charm
The hide was cursed with a babboon’s soul
Its intentions to bring its holder to harm

She knew what to do to release the curse
Getting supplies she settled herself down
She sent a silent prayer up to Faenella
And concentrated, face creased with a frown

Quickly with skill she removed the curse
And placed the now harmless drums on a chair
Exhaling she smiled into Rierdan’s eyes
And told him they now would play most fair

With every tune you strum play sweet
And make the most of its use
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

She took up the mandolin, focused on it
And shuddered inside at the soul within
The dryad inside from the tree of the wood
Bonded to it, she frowned in chagrin

“I think this is hopeless,” the Lady said.
“The dryad inside is a part of the wood.
She only means harm to the bearer it seems,
I cannot release it, I wish that I could.”

Rierdan sighed but was heartened still
The Lady had managed to take out the charm
From the drums so they now could be played
Never again would they do any harm

“The mandolin—it must soon be destroyed
Lest it capture some other less fortunate one.
I’ll take care of it for you if you so wish,
Or else you can watch it burn under the sun.”

With everything you love, love well
And looking back you'll see it grew
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you

Rierdan sighed and asked her to do it
Not wanting to touch the thing ever again
He thanked her and gave her a pouch of gold
As they left they heard the song of a wren

Homeward they went discussing the day
Deciding the drums next day would be sold
Never again would Rierdan touch them
He wanted to with his wife grow old

At home they arrived, his wife went to bed
Rierdan watched her until she slept well
Then went outside to lie down in the grass
Thinking of whom the drums he could sell

Sighing he noticed not when he slept
The dawn came and covered his form with dew
A coating of mist that woke him all wet
He gazed at the sky and begain anew

With every person you meet look deep
Or your actions someday you may rue
All of your actions tell a tale
A veiled transparency of you