Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Test

The Test

Note: No real story behind this, just . . . a story, sort of.

This is a fine day for hunting
You thought as you gathered your things
Armor to wear and weapons to wield
You set off to see what life brings

The light filtered down through the trees
And dappled the ground and your face
Sparkles of light obscuring from sight
The form of the beast with a mace

There was never a chance that you'd see it
As the mace rose and fell on your chest
The light through the trees was your Master
This walk in the woods was a test

So you felt your heartbeat slow
Barely heard over your screams
And so very soon you'll understand
Just what your death really means

The mace rose and fell with sickening thuds
And your chest now a pulpy red hole
Being so young and new to such pain
You'd no time to study the role

The screaming you heard was all in your head
From an angonized silent stretched mouth
For now you no longer had air to breathe
Or speech to call help from the south

And dying on sun-dappled moss and dirt
You stared at the beast with glazed eyes
Understanding the purpose behind all of this
To learn of what you should despise

And your heartbeat stopped in death
For your heart was no longer whole
And so very soon you'll understand
How you were cast in this role

Your Master'd decided to wager your life
Against the dark lord of the night
To come up against a minion of death
To see how you'd fare in the fight

Your Master was angry for he had messed up
Twas his light that had blinded your way
But he knew you never would have survived
Had this not taken place during day

He gathered your body all broken
Strong arms lifted you up to the sky
He called down the lightning upon you
And to all who could hear he decried

“I was wrong and claim it loud
To test my subject this way.
To my unearthly kingdom he goes
To rest forever in day.”

Muscles tensed as skyward he leapt
Into the rising sun's light
Homeward he flew with you in his arms
Up away from the minion of night

With a start you awoke breathing hard
And pushed backward to sit up in bed
Covered in sweat, the bedclothes were wet
From dreaming of how you were dead

You looked out the window and thought
What a fine day for hunting the wood
But shaking your head and laughing inside
The difference known 'tween could and should

You felt your heart beat strongly
Secure in the lifeforce it held
Understanding comes from a dream
And into the sunlight you'd meld