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Helper’s Plight

Note: I did play an Empath, but I can't remember if I was pissed off while her that this came up, or just angry in general at how shoddily people treated Empaths in general.

A sad state of affairs I think
When people can't be bothered
To show appreciation to those folks
Who keep them alive and well.
Who cannot spare a gold or three
Out of the wealth they guard
And cannot even smile, say thanks
Can it be so very hard?

Is everyone in Shard so poor
That they can't tip an empath
Or even clerics who risk their lives
To bring them back to life?
They heal your wounds so calmly
Despite the screaming pain
In part so those of you around
Can continue to be vain.

Why can you not give them thanks
Reward them for their efforts
Those that swoon in pain for you
And sometimes die so you might live.
I realize that some decline
Refuse to take donations
But many end up having to rely
On friends and their relations.

You stand there at your hunting
Coins and boxes all around you
Pelts and many other things
You could easily use for tips
But when your wounds have healed
Or your life has been restored
You rarely say, or show your thanks
May I . . . hit you with a board?

It would give me satisfaction
I will admit without remorse
To find that someday soon enough
You'd find yourself the same
With skills to help your fellows
For which you can't get paid
And you will see the futility
In the situation you have made.