Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Moonsong


Note: This was inspired by something, but I'll be damned if I have a clue any longer what specifically it was.

I raise my arms, face lifted
To see them walk the night
Katamba beside Xibar
And Yavash to guide my sight

The things I have forgotten
Come clear in moonlit sky
It only takes a moment
And my mind begins to fly

My eyes slip closed in silence
To seek the inner voice
The visions flow and speak inside
To guide me to my choice

My spirit listens to the words
The Mysteries of the moons
And when my eyes come open
I'm granted these three boons

A life of visions, always full
With wonders never clear
Open to interpretation
Always the chance of fear

A life of secrets, deep inside
Whispered into my head
Softly spoken words of lore
To stand in eyesight's stead

A life of dreaming, sinking deep
Into the waves of light
Eyes closed yet raised and open
Seeing only othersight

And each bright moon I will greet
As my Mistresses of Sight
Their presence is my lifeline
For them my soul shines bright

Someday when I close my eyes
To open never more
The moons will guide me to the sky
To wash up on their shores

And there I'll sit in silence
Companion to the Crone
The Maiden and the Mother
Safe in my forever home