Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Katamba


Note: Another one dealing with the war in Shard, I believe. Red Winter? Anyway, the style was borrowed from... Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. There's a song in it, linked to Menolly, a seaman's song, or some such, that provided the basis for the initial line.

Oh sweet sea, oh wide sea
That covers half the moon
Katamba rests in silence
High above me in my room
No creatures there now reside
In the deep sea shining dark
And in my heart I know
Of that sea I am a part

A sea of knowledge up above
The sweet moon tells to me
The words I need to see beyond
To see the words of prophecy
People's lives are not ordained
On only one unspoken path
To dare Katamba's vision
Is to dare the maiden's wrath

A prophecy for good or ill
A vision of death and blood
A seer's sight of sickness
Of one unending flood
Struck silent—yet aware
The sea provides the sight
Invaders come from all around
And thus begins the fight

Oh deep sea, oh darkened sea
That covers half the moon
To me the will to breathe, to see
She grants to me this boon
A cavalcade of visions fly
Through dark spots in my mind
Sweeping all into the light
To sear the sight of what I find

Mages, fighters, empaths race
With all unspoken haste
To join the fray that rages now
There's never time to waste
The battle has been joined at last
The blood flows hot and sweet
And people now begin to see
The fates they're meant to meet

The mages cast, the empaths touch
The fighters slice and thrust
The items thieves search and steal
And once again create mistrust
Despite that I can only see
And screams pierce deep my ears
I cannot join for I am frozen
Katamba showing me these fears