Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: Cold Light

Cold Light

Note: I'm almost positive this had to do with either the war or an invasion happening down in Shard. But, who knows. . . ?

And yes, shades of Sarah McLachlan here.

It doesn't show much
But it shows everything around
The light that shines down on you
Is a cold light
In the sky the moons
Are so very bright tonight
Around the lake
The bodies now abound

And you can't hear a sound....

It doesn't show love
But it shows every bit of hate
The light that shines lacks mercy
Its a cold light
Like a skyborn disk
Of brightly back-lit malachite
Around the lake
The stacked up bodies wait

And you can see their fate....

It doesn't show war
But it also doesn't show peace
The light that shines down bleakly
Is a cold light
Up high a burned out shell
Of hopes and dreams combined
On the ground
The dead decay in twilight

And you can feel their fright....