Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Blood of Tears

The Blood of Tears

Note: You can consider this a sequel of sorts to The Death of Sleep.

This dawn comes and I have drained
This girl that I must now restrain,
Hold her in the death of sleep
In darkened shrouds and velvet drapes
Her life in death she now creates
As she first lays down to sleep
— In velvet she'll first sleep

When night unfolds and we awake
Her first feeding she'll now take
As the darkness steals the light
The death cries of her mortal life
Now that she's taken as a wife
Are then silenced at first bite
— With the dying of the light

Waxy, pale, translucent lips
Blush with colour from first kiss
As the sacrifice gives life
A semblance now to mortal girls
A false impression now unfurls
Of perfect, precious life
— Of false, alluring life

My teeth the knife that stole her heat
Other's warmth is now what's sweet
What pulses in their veins
The heat and warmth will spread within
Lives will end while ours begin
We steal away life's reins
— We now control life's reins

Through the night we hunt our prey
Until the dawning light of day
As the sunlight heralds death
Then to our rest we silent go
Quiet calm, our bodies show
The lack of life or breath
— The pallor seen in death

By my side she'll wake, arise
But you can see it in her eyes
As death's completion nears
An oddly shifting gleam of light
Her eyes remain forever bright
Glistening with the blood of tears
— Together we become the fears of night