Grazhir :: DragonRealms :: The Death of Sleep

The Death of Sleep

Note: You might consider The Blood of Tears to be a sequel of sorts.

Each dawn comes and I am weary
There I'll wait with my eyes teary
Entangled in the death of sleep
Soon she would awaken sweetly
And kneel down to swear her fealty
Once again to guard my sleep
—To watch over me as I sleep

She came to me, her eyes downcast
For fear the shining depths would cast
Dawning sunlight on my skin
Her lips were warm against my face
And in my ears her heart does race
From deep under her skin
—Blood flows under her skin

And as the sun starts to arise
My time to die, to sleep is nigh
And now she'll guard my keep
And when the moons take precedence
And once again I breathe the scents
All around me in my keep
—I'll awaken in my keep

I rise, I stand and see her face
Where she should be in her place
With a sacrifice for thirst
Heavy, sweet, metallic blood
Inflames my senses in a flood
Of overwhelming thirst
—I'm drowning in my thirst

A faintly pulsing line of blue
Down a slender throat fair—hued
Awaits me on death's bed
The gift of life before me now
The blood—tinged sweat upon my brow
As I bend down to feed
—On this sacrifice I feed

And when my thirst for blood is fed
And when this sacrifice is dead
She leaves to sleep til morn
I will guard her fleeting life
Though in the end she'll be a wife
And find herself reborn
—In death she'll be reborn

But that's not now, its far ahead
Some later time when she won't dread
The final passing of the day
In the end my teeth the knife
To forever change her life
To deprive her ever of the day
—Together, we'll live the death of sleep by day