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Final chapter of Diagonal up and the e-book versions are linked from the story menu, the Crossover index page, and the menu over there on the right.

At some point I altered the font size on normal pages. Because, you know, at my age, writing that was easy to handle is suddenly a serious issue. So, it’s all larger now.

Changed the menu over there to remove the notes. The scripting was messed up, and while it might show in a very odd place, it was no longer working as it did originally. Thus, those were removed and links added in to the e-book copies of complete files, or the number of chapters for WIP stories (except ones in the process of being posted, which at this moment, is just the one).

The main exception is the Oneshots Collection, because I cannot very well fit that many icons into such a small cell, so to get e-book copies for any of those you would have to visit the Index page for the section.

Of course, it also points out just how many stories I need to go over the e-book copies for to ensure they’re using the most recent version of my e-book style sheet, and have all three versions available. I noticed not long ago that while Kindle for PC handles .azw3 files just fine, my phone refuses to touch the things and will only accept .mobi (or I have to use Google Books and the .epub version instead).

That and most of them require updated covers, to the style I adopted a while back (though again, Amazon’s system is a bit wonky on that score).

Weirdly, some times when I post a chapter, it goes all wonky on the extended characters, things like smart quotes, etc.

Added the initial chapter of Diagonal () to Crossovers. This is a KHR/Elder Scrolls crossover with a slight off-camera side-trip into Harry Potter. Main pairing is Tsuna/Reborn, with a side of Lal/Colonnello and other pairings implied. There are nineteen chapters (though the final one is primarily epistolary).

Also, I have been fucking around with Google Fonts in order to get around the problems I have been having with embedded ones in the sub-sections of the site. So, if anyone is using something like NoScript, you would have to account for that.

Final chapter of Welkin posted, along with the accompanying e-book copies (.azw3 and .epub).


Added the initial chapter of Welkin () to Other. This is a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! story, Gen (with hints of Tsuna/Daemon slash). This story is twelve chapters in length.

Still seeing problems with font alterations (for headers and such) in the machine named areas, but whatever. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to fix it. Maybe not.